• A lot of these look more suited to print than web despite the article title…

  • Love everything what is connected with logos. Very beautiful examples.

  • Really like some of these designs!

  • looks much inspiring and cool collection.

  • Some mighty fine examples indeed. My favorite logos from the bunch: “circus of magazines”, “canadian doors”, “signature paper”, “currently roaming”. Some of the more colorful logos that rely on color to achieve their effect, are pretty cool, yet I can’t seem some of them being very versatile in various print applications.

  • Great Fashion Brands, uniqueness and being creative is what counts in order to make a well known and remembered brand. A lot of the brand designs showcased on this blog post look up market and expensive some of which I’ve heard of and some not, nevertheless they look good. Thanks for the great post.

  • Really like some of these designs!

  • Immanuel


  • Hadrusi

    So nice :)

  • like some of these designs!