Building a Small Business Brand: Why Your Logo Matters?

A logo helps in identifying a business or organization in its simplest form through use of a mark or icon. Logo should not be confused as a brand. Branding is the whole corporate image of an organization or business. Logo design and branding have different roles to build a perceived image of an organization, product or business. Let us have a quick look at the concept of branding.


Concept of Branding

A brand can be defined as an image or idea of a specific service or product that helps to connect consumers. Such connections can be established with the slogan or logo design of the concerned business or organization that owns the image or idea. Branding is the process by which this idea or image is marketed by the company to make it recognizable by more people. Other than building such brand recognition, companies also focus to build good reputation and set standards for associated services or products. As such, branding can be considered as an asset of the company and brand-value is primarily referred to the good reputation earned in the process.

There is a common misconception that the logo design, comprising few fonts and colors, is the only element in branding. However, building a “corporate image” is a complex affair. It includes overall activities, assets, liabilities, aims and values of the business or organization. It is core idea that builds the company and signifies their purpose of existence.

Let us have a look at one of the renowned brand – Apple Inc. Apple projects a humanistic corporate culture coupled with strong corporate ethics. These are reflected by its involvement in the community and extending support to good causes. High quality, innovative and unique product range, exclusive services and strong customer support have helped Apple to grow as one of the top valued brands of world. When people buy products or services from Apple they feel part of this esteemed brand. This emotional attachment creates the brand value not simply the products or logo design.

Building Identity

Several components contribute in building a brand. Identity design is one of these crucial elements and it should not be confused with logo design. A set of guidelines is decided that details how and where this design will be administered. As a part of the process the company needs to approve the color pallets, layouts, measurements, fonts and mediums regarding application of identity design.

There are several visual aspects that contribute in building identity of a company, product or services. Logo design is a crucial component that symbolizes entire identity and brand. Text, colors and graphics are integrated for creation of a logo. Simple looking, small and unique logos represent valuable brands in corporate world.

Design, color and style of stationery items like business cards, envelopes and letterheads should have a harmony. While designing and developing identity of a company you also need to focus on designing of marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, websites etc. A company selling products for kids may consider using animated logo in its website.

Packaging of products and mode of delivery can be used wisely in building identity. Take for example, packaging of FedEx and they way they delivers their consignments. It evokes a sense of assurance among the customers about security of the service and professional handling of consignments.

Organizations should keep an eye on small details including interior and exterior design of offices and outlets that represent the company. Messages and actions that are conveyed in the market or to valued customers should be in line with the scheme decided in building identity.

Role of logo

Now that we have gone through the basics of branding and steps involved in building identity of a company; we can focus on the role of a custom designed logo for building a small business brand. A logo should be custom made to reflect the nature of your business. It is desirable to hire a professional logo designer or seek assistance from a logo design company to develop a custom logo design.

It should be unique from the lot and simple to remember. It has been observed that images and graphics are easy to remember than text messages or tagline. Think of the logo of Nike, how many of you remember the tagline “Just Do It”. Obviously more people recall the famous Swoosh logo resembling a tick mark.

Logo of a brand or company is essential for easy identification of the company and services provided by it. They represent or mark the presence of company and infuse sense of trust among existing and prospective customers. Logos are easy to advertise and incorporate in most marketing components. As such, major advertising campaigns, new product launch or promotional campaigns include highlighting the logo.

Simple, adaptable and scalable logo design serves as useful marketing tool for all occasions. Think of the famous doodles of Google. Simple manipulation and innovative thinking helps the same logo in delivering different messages on memorable occasions.


Small businesses striving to build their brand should consider logo design and logo designer as crucial part of building brand identity. Learning from the corporate giants, they should strive to have a simple, unique, memorable logo that helps them in building their brand.

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Cathlyn - November 7, 2012

Thank you for the informative post! As a small business owner myself, I did get inspired to really get into my “brand” and basically try to develop it. I also found this nice guide for designing a good logo just in case someone’s interested: http://adcreative.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/a-short-checklist-for-designing-your-logo/ . I think the great thing nowadays is that it is easy now to promote a brand as there are quicker and faster ways to develop and promote it and one’s logo of course.


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