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Art Of The Ampersand: 15 Inspiring Designs & Styles


Typography is the backbone of good design, a mastery of type will ensure readable, beautiful design. One of the most fun glyphs available for designers to play with is the ampersand. Derived from the Latin word for “and,” which is “et,” if you take the Roman cursive ‘e’ and combine it with the ‘t’ you get the symbol – &.

There’s something about this symbols curves and the way it takes three letters and condenses them down into one swoop of the pen, but the ampersand has captured the heart of designers, artists and type-geeks alike resulting in a rich collection of artistic ampersands. Here’s a collection of 15 inspiring Ampersands in a myriad of mediums.



1. A charming & charm by Winsome Creations on Etsy, perfect addition to any outfit.


2. Katie Daisy’s Land of Ampersand, a whimsical floral Ampersand painting.


3. Ampersands by Stuart D Wade, an Ampercity, isn’t it pretty?


4. You and Me Ampersand Ring by Melanie Favreau, this simple ampersand is available on Etsy

5. – Ampersand Love by A Distant Lullaby, ampersands within an ampersand.


6. Squidamp by Chad WoodWard, custom ampersand design for a large exhibition poster.


7. Ampersand by Gemma Correll, darling illustrated letter press design.


8. Eclectic Ampersand by Palm Papers, a conglomeration of pretty ampersands.

9. Catpersand by Monica Gifford – it’s just a game of cat & mouse.


10. & Octopus by Alex Eben Meyer, is that octopus trying to tell us something?



11. Ampersandwhich t-shirt, currently not available but doesn’t it make you a little hungry?

12. We are inside your ampersand by Marc Johns, water color and ink drawing of twins in an ampersand.


13. Ampersand Cover by Laura Berglund & Josh Lambert, created for the cover of the Kansas City Art Institute student magazine.


14. Ampersand by Jude Landry, this artist loves drawing letters and since ampersands are the most fun, he’s drawn quite a few.


15 – Quilled Paper Ampersand by Melissa Van Hoose, gorgeous ampersand art to adorn your walls.