1. fandy   •  

    Great list logo tutorial tony… useful.

  2. Mantas K   •  

    Very nice inspirational list, i will have to use something from here for my logo :) thanks!

  3. Shane   •  

    Nice collection, very inspirational.
    Really helpful tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wien   •  

    super post, thanks

  5. Dan LaCloche   •  

    Great article. I will totally use some of these techniques in the future.

  6. Free Design Logo   •  

    These are very awesome logo design, I should apply some of the great designs on my free design logo project.

  7. clippingimages   •  

    WoW :) awesome collection of logo tutorials. Great to learn lots of tutorials. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  8. Sarina   •  

    great tutorials! its interesting to see the design of logos broken down into steps! i have to say you make it look easier than it is! thanks for sharing

  9. creativedude   •  

    The VividWays logo really reminds me of Google Wave’s logo :P !

  10. business logo design   •  

    Gret tutorials.
    This is very useful for all logo designers.

    business logo design

  11. Luke Southwell   •  

    This is a great post I must say. Logos should have impact in the viewers’ eyes. Indeed very helpful to all the logo designers. Thank you for posting this. Keep it up!

  12. SpiderSavvy   •  

    I’m looking for inspiration on making my own logo. This post helped me to do that. Grungy Circular Logo is my favorite so far.


  13. Logo Design Monster   •  

    Wow, possibly the biggest and best logo design resource I have seen on the web. Bookmarking this page now! Thank you very much for sharing this I am well pleased :)

  14. Mark   •  

    “Nice article ..as i am also associated with this business so i am well aware how useful this article really is..

    Commented by:Logo and Stationary Design Firm”

  15. tulika(AYZ)   •  

    Where can I get ideas for design For weaving socks

  16. tonny   •  

    great site of logo design. i am bookmark this site.thanks

  17. graphic designer   •  

    great posts for beginners who don’t know how to design logos and for experienced people also, who want to polish their designing skills.

  18. Nadia   •  

    WoW :) awesome collection of logo tutorials Thanks .

  19. Bubble Shooter   •  

    These 40 tutorials are really great and inspiring. All these are famous and different with unique ideas.

  20. Acesset   •  

    Fantastic collection, there’s no doubt that most of them are freelance graphic designer.
    You need to spend a lot of times just to create true piece of art.

  21. Online timesheet   •  

    Excellent resources. But do you have logo design tutorials specifically for Green designs and using photoshop?

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