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20 Photography Related Articles To Boost Your Creativity


Photography as an art-form needs some sources of inspiration from time to time, especially when you feel like your lacking in ideas. There are many methods to break out of a creative rut: such as traveling, listening to music or even just reading a good book.

Today I’d like to share with you 20 fresh photography-related articles which are handpicked from all over the web to boost your creativity.

Here you’ll find everything from black and white shots, moon photo round-ups, retouching tutorials, tips to start taking great pictures with your iPhone, ironic typography posters for fun, posing ideas all the way to inspiring books to read this autumn. So why not scroll down and enjoy!


1. 37 Amazing and Useful Photography Links


Here you’ll find a bunch of useful links for photographers with tutorials, great photography tips, and interesting blogs to follow.


2. Chicago Cityscapes – Urban Photography by Luke Strothman


Some awesome views of Chicago which gives you an opportunity to see this city from a very different side.


3. 5 Adorable Pet Photos [and How to Make your Shots even Cuter]


Experienced pet photographer shares her first-hand tips and tricks to shoot animals like a pro.


4. 100 Fantastic Instagram Accounts for Travelers to Follow


Have no idea where to go for your next vacation? You’ll find 100 truly fantastic Instagram accounts for travelers to follow.


5. Imaginative Photographs That Mix Ordinary Objects and Simple Sketches


A daily dose of creativity and humor in this funny round-up of photos that consists only of sketches and small everyday objects.


6. Dramatic Black and White Images Done in Intense Contrast Add Impression of Mystery and Intimacy


They say photography shows your body, but black and white photography shows your soul. Take a look at these dramatic black and white shots made in a strong contrast and high quality by French photographer Benoit Courti.


7. Falling for Waterfalls


Good waterfalls photography tips for landscape photographers can be found here.


8. Ironic Typography Posters That Show the True Photographer’s Life


Check out this huge post of the best ironic typography posters for photographers.


9. Enchanting Bangladesh – Most Mindblowing Photographs


Bangladesh is a small and beautiful Asian country. Here you’ll see some mind-blowing pictures of people at their workplace and usual day to daily routine pieces of life.


10. What to Do When You Run Out of Posing Ideas During a Photography Session


Need some posing ideas to make your future photo sessions look absolutely different? This guide from iHeartFaces will give you inspiration.


11. 10 Amazing Articles To Start Out With iPhone Photography


A great list of 10 amazing articles that can make you grab your iPhone and start shooting.


12. 39 Interesting Examples of Lifestyle Photography


Our life is made up of wonderful moments that motivate and encourage us to keep moving forward. These lifestyle moments are full of life and inspiration.


13. 50 Portrait Retouching Tutorials To Take Your Photoshop Skills To A New Level


Photoshop is capable of making slightly imperfect photo into an awesome shot. Thus, I have put together 50 beauty-retouching tutorials for you to learn Photoshop techniques and study examples of how you can do it in practice.


14. Innovative Fashion Photography Techniques


A perfect combination of octopus, beautiful girl, and a good camera. Inspiring article about some extraordinary photo shoot ideas for your next fashion photo session.


15. Toy Camera Photographs Developed with Everything From Juice to Medicine


An interesting photo project “Photogenic Alchemy” is about creating toy photos with film and different liquids found around the house. Check out the results here.


16. The Human Animal – Cool Portraits by Second Nature Photography


“Capturing the nature of the human animal” is a motto of young wildlife photographers that share their photos here.


17. Escape from reality into a mysterious dream: Breathtaking Pictures by Julie de Waroquier


The most valuable photography is the one which tells you a story. Discover mysterious and dreamy stories behind the pictures by French photographer Julie de Waroquier.


18. 5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph


Do you remember when the last time was when you did something for the first time? Visiting new locations to take photos is inspiring and interesting. Check out these 5 creative ways to find new places to photograph.


19. Catch the Moon: 100 Magnificent Moon Photos You Have Never Seen Before


Here 100 really magnificent Moon photos you have never seen before are put together. Hopefully, they will inspire you to grab your camera and go for night shooting!


20. Coffee Shop Reads for Photographers


Winter is coming and it’s a perfect time to sit somewhere is a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee and a good book. A list of cafe-friendly in size and content books to spend a lot of pleasant hours in the nearest coffee shop.