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  1. Very nice collection of inspiring Logos…
    I really like the “Redefined 2-color by KGB”
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. A valuable compilation of logo designs. Logo is a very essential part of branding. And branding (especially online branding) greatly turns a great success to any company (if done right). We like the logo of “Mi Creative Studio” and the logo of “Black and Brew.” Those are simply, but it attracts.

  3. What a very awesome list of unique logos! This site is very useful, most of them gave me an idea for designing logos. Would Adobe Photoshop be the best software for creating logos? What would you recommend as the ideal version for beginners?

    I will keep coming back to your site for latest logo designs and thank you for sharing your ideas.


  4. Ruben’s Nuts made me chuckle… anyhow, great set of logos! Weber is one of my favorites… a brilliant combo of paintbrush and the letter W! Thanks for sharing such great logos to look at!

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