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Ben Heine is our featured artist of the day on Designrfix.com. In this series of posts, we will spotlight talented artists ranging from illustrators to graphic artists all the way to industrial designers. These daily posts will serve two purposes; first, is to showcase the works of these accomplished artists and the second is to inspire all of you artists and designers out there, in evolving art through thoughtful exchange of technique & inspiration. Tune in daily to see who the next artist of the day will be…who knows, maybe you could be our next featured artist!

Ben Heine is an Illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium. He specializes in Illustration, Cartooning and Photography. To stay up to date and find out more about Ben, check out his Network.


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This is the legendary "tram 28" in Lisbon, Portugal
I took this photo in Belgium. I also drew the rough sketch.
I took this photo in England and also made the rough sketch
I took this photo a few days ago and also drew the rough sketch...
I took this photo in the "Palais des Beaux Arts" of Lille, France (I also made the drawing)
This is a view of Utrecht from the Dom Tower, which is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, at 112.5 metres (368 feet) in height. I took the photo and drew the 2 sketches
A photo I took yesterday in Poland (I also made the rough sketch). Yes I know, there are no Koalas in Poland but there is one in my mind, struggling against extinction.
This is a view of the countryside in Braives, Belgium. I took the photo and drew the sketch (I wanted to make a very simplified composition on the paper to match the landscape).
A sculpture, a photo, a drawing and friendship, all in once!
This is sort of experimental...
I took this photo in the Belgian countryside
I took this photo near Brussels (I also made the sketch)
I took this photo a few days ago in Poland and also made the rough sketch. The painting on the wall is a reproduction of the "Girl with a Pearl Earring". I really love this painting by Johannes Vermeer but I thought a "modern" version of if would be cool
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (3)
This is the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (10)
This is a photo I took from Montmartre's hill in Paris, France
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (11)
This is a photo I took in Lille, France. I also made the rough sketch...
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (13)
I took this photo in Oxford, England. I made the sketch very quickly
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (15)
This is a real fire, a real drawing, a real piece of paper, real fingers... only ashes are left 🙁
Pencil-Vs-Camera- (16)
Sort of an introduction to my next series entitled "Chess Art" with optical illusions and strong perspectives...