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Why is Graphic Design Important? How it Shapes the World

Why is Graphic Design Important? How it Shapes the World

Why is graphic design important? Much of its significance has been placed on the business sector, but graphic design also plays a unique role in other spheres of our lives. Learn more about how this is so in our article. 

Why is graphic design important? Implying that graphic design is inevitable in the world is not being overly exorbitant. A monochromatic world would appear utterly indistinguishable and dull. Graphic design has brought much color, life, and artistry in our society that it’s hard to dismiss its importance.

This field has shaped our world in ways that have witnessed the reawakening of brands that were utterly dormant, driven business sales, and helped customers identify easily with their preferred brands. Not only has graphic design played a remarkable role in the commercial sector but also our domestic livelihoods.

We can customize our interior decors, personalize our communication to others in the form of letters or email attachments.

Graphic design use spans across activities such as packaging, branding, print media, creation of unique fabric, among others. Just look around your home or current surrounding and point out things you think would have appeared vague and unimportant were it not for graphic design.

The mug gifted by your best friend with your initials, the Nike logo on your sportswear, the colorful imprints on your MAC make up bag, the beautiful patterns on your duvet are all examples of the beauty of graphic design.

We shall discuss what the meaning of graphic design is, the importance of graphic design in businesses, its role in international development and digital marketing.

What is Graphic Design?

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Before we delve much deeper in answering the question, ‘Why is graphic design important?” we need to understand what graphic design entails. The first part, graphic, stands for what is visual while the second part, design, signifies visual communication.

The elements that are incorporated in creating design objects are layout techniques, texture, color, shapes, and visual arts, among others. The components selected are often dictated by the media; they will be used to display on such as websites, pamphlets, or posters.

Graphic designers use specific software programs to assist them in coming up with their designs. Some of these include Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe in design and a variety of others.

Graphic design also has a process, and this entails briefing between the designer and client, design, artwork, and finally, production.

What Is the Importance of Graphic Design for Your Business?

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The culture of businesses has been the most influenced by graphic design. Its significance can be explained through several reasons.

  • Gives businesses a competitive edge
  • Drives sales
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Enhances brand loyalty
  • Shows professionalism

Businesses are actively and continually staging competitive strategies against their competitors. They want to create a tangible appeal to their loyal customers and drive awareness of their products and services to new markets.

Customers can identify well with their brands due to unique branding. This helps to retain customers for generations to come. As we become adults, we are most likely to consume products and acquire services that are familiar to us. However, there are unique cases where we transition to competitive brands because of socialization from our partners, friends, and the influence of our current demographics.

All brands are uniquely recognized by their business logos. These logos have to be catchy and memorable. Some companies have simple but profound logos, while others have complicated and artistic logos, but they are still identifiable. To create such logos, businesses would require the expertise of graphic designers.

Once a company’s logo has been created, the company still has to rely on graphic design to create brochures, company letterheads, and customized stationery among so much more. Business websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps also need impressive backgrounds that represent the business.

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All these platforms are used as a media of communication between brands, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This is more reason as to why graphic design is instrumental.

When it comes to networking and conducting business introduction for your firm, business cards are a great way of announcing your presence and leaving an impression. The texture, color, size, and aesthetics of your business card will say more about what you represent, and people are likely to hold on to them for future use rather than toss them away.

It is also essential to understand that your business logo, when included as part of the sponsoring team towards a certain humanitarian drive or social activity, helps to make these events successful. This is because even before participants understand what they are contributing to, they already trust that it is an important exercise because your brand is part of it.

Additionally, businesses have seasonal rebranding on their logos to evoke certain emotions or to show solidarity for special worldwide celebrations such as Christmas. Seasonal branding attracts customers to brands so that they can keep some items as souvenirs. For example, the much hype surrounding the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones inspired some brands to rebrand some of their products according to the theme of the show to drive sales.

What Role Does Graphic Design Play in International Development?

Graphic design has undeniably played a role in the cultural representations, social identities, and political developments of communities around the world. Graphic designers, through their work, have displayed their community’s values, beliefs, religion, and even shared some of their shared plights and calls for civil and social justice.

Some of the countries that are not within the scope of international media have lobbied for support and created awareness of their troubles by sharing graphical content that resonates with their situation on social media. For example, the Arab Spring in Egypt in 2011 received worldwide recognition through content shared on social media.

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Additionally, graphic design covers such disciplines as information and technology, history and anthropology and communication. This has helped to steer the socio-economic position of developing countries towards a globalized level. It has been used as a tool to create social cohesion and call for patriotism.

Once a country is deeply rooted in its culture and values, citizens are likely to work much harder and harmoniously towards growth and development.

Graphic design is no longer perceived as a profession but as a vital player in the advancement of national goals. While its work may not be as vocal as politicians, it is assumed as a contemporary media of championing for the rights of women, vulnerable children. and other minority groups.

Some international organizations such as the UN have relied on graphic designers to come up with an emblem that signifies unity and togetherness.

Back to the positives. A business’s online presence is only made more productive with the use of graphic design. Customers have become more comfortable at online shopping because of the reduction in cyber theft and also the convenience of purchasing items from their homes.

The data that businesses have on their customers can be used in SEO targeted marketing and reselling of products. This can only be successful with the utilization of graphic design in the creation of online marketing tools.

The other strength of graphic design in digital marketing is the ability to capture the attention of potential clients through images and videos that are compelling. Depending on written content, only to describe your services or goods online is a landslide. With a variety of information on the internet, buyers are likely to skip narratives for more entertaining and engaging tools of marketing such as videos.

It is, therefore, imperative to realign sales and marketing strategies to focus more on digital marketing. This will increase web traffic and hopefully, the conversion of interested customers.


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We are all visual beings, and our emotions, decisions, and likeness are triggered by what we see around us. When you walk into a store, and your eye captures a cold Coca-Cola Sprite, you may be tempted to buy just from the branding and the message it sends.

When you walk into the Vatican, you will probably identify it and put it in your memories from its gothic structures and other visual displays. All these add to the significance of graphic design.