• Anything is possible when one just slices up images. I really appreciate good looking newsletter that use html text where-ever possible. Some good ones in there.

  • Jim

    Beautiful designs – However, image based designs can only be seen if the viewer is convinced to click “display images”. With any e-mail newsletter campaign it is almost more important what the design looks like and how the text reads WITHOUT the images on, otherwise you wont be communicating anything (especially if all your text is part of the graphic).

  • Yep, looking nice is one thing. Perfroming well is quite another. There’s no point in looking amazing if it’s not opened or images are not downloaded.

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  • Certainly a good collection of pretty graphics.

    Many do break some basic acknowledge best practice of email marketing.

    Such as having the offer and company clear above the fold. In some cases the company name is at the bottom.

    I would certainly be concerned that not all of them perform at all well.

  • Definitely a great collection, but I have to agree that some are clearly lacking from a marketing perspective. Some are just too pretty and aren’t showcase the product as much as the design.

    Thanks for the collection. Bookmarked for future reference.
    Keith Higginbotham

  • I’d echo the comments about great design vs functionality. Although these are all beautiful, the fact is that they would not be seen by a large percentage of newsletter subscribers. Something text based that invites the reader to click for more info that then takes them to a webpage is how I get around it. The webpage can be as ‘graphicy’ as I like, but the email is simple, to the point, and mostly text to ensure I’m not ending up in spam folders.

    Fantastic designs though! Will be visiting here again before I design my next one.

  • Great inspirational post I think newsletter designs should be simple, clean and highlight important news clearly.

  • There’s no point in writing an article on newletter design, is there, if noone clicks through to the examples, or if someone doesn’t read the artice is there? Then it was all for naught. An nice article does nothing if I don’t read it, does it?

    Hahaha… you couple of naysayers up there need to drown your depression in a local meeting of the optimists’ club.

    Nice artice!

  • I would be more inclined to purchase from a store if I received something like the above in my inbox.

  • really nice collection, i like it

  • Thanks for sharing this because it is great for inspiration but one newsletter from apple would be sufficient ;)

  • Awesome list. Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  • SM

    Nice collection! Thanks for shared.

  • Wow some really great newsletter examples here (personally not a fan of the dark backgrounds). Barnes & Noble with their Kindle inspired newsletter grabbed my attention though as did the one from Icon News.

    Great list for inspiration though – move beyond the boring!


  • Great collection!
    You can find more inspirational newsletter samples:

  • Terri

    honestly who reads a huge text e-mail? not me. but i will read some of it if it looks f***’n awesome. look at your target market do they turn images on or off, that’s what you need to know, then design. Also not a fan of the dark backgrounds, too hard to read. Also images can have alt text in e-mails.

  • very good compilation, thanks

  • these are mostly email marketinh campaings, and not newsletter.
    The Virtuosa one is a very good exemple.

  • The Alt text in the images is a great way as stated by Terri above as this allows the user to view the text version. You are able to supply all the info you need with out show the image.

  • Nice collection! Thanks for shared.

  • Great post.Nice desing.Thank you.

  • Nice, good to get this covered as its important to keep in contact this way, and can be forgotten about in web design.

  • don kolo


  • This story is superb! Everyones impressed over hear!

  • Great collection and inspiration. I just wish email templates would use pure DIVs without using table tags. Just so hard to express creativity with those “table” tags

  • – i liked the ideal’s and picture’s that are oiseted up !

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  • Maggie

    Great post, but here is our problem, we can’t find a design company that has an enewsletter portfolio! Any recommendations!?

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  • As we are about to embark on a new project – this articles has given us plenty of great and varied inspiration.

  • Love the coach design, simple and elegant :)

  • Really inspiring design. Thanks for sharing all these here. Thanks

  • Very inspiring designs. Thanks for sharing.

  • Razibul Hassan

    Really inspiring Newsletter design. This is a great resource to follow for creating any newsletter. Thank you very much for the great composition.

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  • Thank you for showcasing many of our newsletters we create for Ubisoft EMEA since 2002.

    As I said in another blog, it’s true that effective newsletters must contain texts and not only images. But for video games editors like Ubisoft, it’s different because they must sell a graphic universe and not only information. After many A/B testings, 100% image newsletters obtain better ROI than HTML/images in that specific case.

  • Some really nice looking newsletters but I bet they perform badly…

  • Moin

    Very nice collection, here is another one: http://bit.ly/rQk51J

  • Paras

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  • Great source of inspiration.

  • Wow. Thanks for the collection. I mostly like the newspaper-like one.

  • I’ve been looking for new ideas for my Newsletter, and this post helped me a lot!


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  • nice collection and i loves whenever you comes with something.

  • Don

    Most of these newsletters are way over the top from a design perspective. They’re email advertisements more than they are newsletters.

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  • Woww…this is seriously so much newslater design inspirations!thanks for sharing this designrfix!

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  • Awesome article. The Eve newsletter is one of my favourites. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, Apple do make an enticing newsletter.

  • Newsletters are hot topics. There are some great designs and ideas here.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Paul

    Awesome examples, I like the concept of apple college.

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