Email Newsletter: 7 Useful Tips For Creating Attractive And Effective Designs

A business tries every possible way to attract its customers and in the current scenario, where it has become mandatory to woo the customers online, it has to undertake a bit extra efforts. Creating a quality website today to promote the products or services and generate online sales is what every organization is doing. But another useful way of promotion to reach existing and prospective customers is Email Newsletter.

In fact, it is an effective form of business communication which by making entry into the ‘Inbox’ of potential customers can drive people to view the site and thus helps spread awareness. However, a lot depends on the quality and design and in this article; we are going to highlight some important ways that help creating attractive and efficient email newsletter.



Designing Email Newsletters, the right way


1. Design with a Clear Focus

While contemplating the design for your email newsletter, always bear in mind what you really want to achieve with it. In other words, the real purpose of the newsletter should always remain in focus. Whether it is to inform the viewers about some new product or make them familiar with a discount scheme, the design should be relevant and direct them to take the desired action.

2. Always go for a simple design

As Email newsletters are mostly viewed in a very less time by the readers, it is imperative to keep the design simple so as to make it easy to understand. Viewers only scan an email newsletter. A complex design will only play a spoilsport and will not be able to serve its objective. A simple and clean design is always attractive as it facilitates understanding. Use short but descriptive content.

3. Design using Tables

The use of tables for designing an email newsletter is considered apt for it offers a number of benefits. Positioning the various elements in a favorable manner is easy with the tables so that they don’t appear distorted even if readers view the newsletter in a preview pane.

4. Play safe with Images

There is no guarantee that viewers will be able to see the images. In fact, an email newsletter with nothing expect a blank appearance, is surely going to leave a very bad impression. Therefore images must be carefully used and only if they are essentially required. Some points to consider while using images are:

  • Use Alt text for all images
  • Never ever create an all-image email newsletter, it may be attractive to look at but what if your customers can’t see it
  • Don’t use images for headlines

5. Keep aside video or animation for your website

No matter how attractive do you wish your email newsletter to become but the use of video or animation should be strictly avoided. The reason behind doing so is the email client may not support it, it will make the email heavy and a reader will not take pains to view a video in a newsletter. Rather you should effectively place them in the website for readers to see when they visit their site after going through the email newsletter.

6. Call to Action – Keep it simple but prominent

What is the motive of an email newsletter? – To persuade readers take the required action. Bear this in mind while designing. Grab their attention, simplify the marketing message and effectively display the action button. It should be prominently visible and clearly describe the action.

7. Provide a link for readers to view the Web version

It is agreed that you might have paid high attention to every detail for making email newsletter effective but it may still happen that it cannot be viewed in proper form by the readers. Therefore, it is a good practice to include a link that takes them to a Web version so that they can view it in its entirety.

Another important thing that must be mentioned here is that just like websites are designed to cater to the mobile users, similarly, email newsletters should be created to make them friendly to mobile devices. This will not deprive you of reaching your potential customers.

Stay tuned for part two of email newsletter design, where we will bring you an amazing collection of newsletters from various companies.

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