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  • I like K2 ski club logo design but if you could use aqua color and white. Well it’s depending on client requirement. We have to just suggest nothing else.

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    Similar to Logos in the Los Logos Series of Books…
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  • HTML5 logo look like a superman shield.

  • I also have a blog with over 6,000 logo example at http://logo-example.blogspot.com. log on to find what you want.

  • So many fab designs, great collection. I have a handy guide to logo design here if anyone is interested http://thepixelfreak.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-to-design-great-logo.html

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    I assume many of these are just concepts for fictitious made-up company names, and not actual logos in usage, because if you do a search on many of the names, you do not get actual company info or a website. While these are wonderful logos, it is one thing to make up a name that conjures up visual imagery for a fictitious company and create a logo for it, and quite another challenge to create a logo for a real, existing company.

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  • The 3D logo effects really stand out – the come across as feeling more up-do-date than ‘flat’ logos. Though trends do tend to change every couple of years or so.

  • Very inspiring logo collection indeed. Thanks for sharing many new logos I’d not seen before, apart from those old favorites.

  • Wow! what an amazing logo design and i really appreciate the hard work that has been put in to create this. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work.

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    Wow… I needed a design for a company that has to do with art, and this was an awesome websight for ideas. Much like the one I was thinking of.

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    i like ican logo i am looking forward to use this thanks for the post

  • Thank you for including my logo (Valic teater)!

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