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  • nico

    this kind of post are really usefull!!!

    beautiful work!

  • Nice list. Thanks for including Fortuna. Firefish appears twice BTW.

  • Inspirational bunch. Thank you.

  • i like most of listed logos, thanks for this creative inspiration.

  • Lovely collection here. Lots of versatile ways to use fish in logos, or so it seems anyways!

  • I am glad you have enjoyed this list…stay tuned for more inspirational logo designs.

  • @Roy Smith…Thanks for the heads up on the duplicate logo.

  • Nice works.

  • one of my favourites: http://www.respiromedia.com/bigimages/spotburn-logo-2.jpg

    great use of negative space!

  • Very nice collection :D usefull one

  • thanks to posting our logo!

  • Our design company has a pretty cool fish logo I did:

    brainfish: http://www.1ate3.com/brainfishlogo.jpg

  • orange

    ???logo??? ???~

  • All companies with the word fish in the name, how uninspired! How about http://www.stink.tv Cool name and cool logo to boot.

  • Very nice list! Thanks for putting it together :)

  • Randy

    I am interested in getting a logo made based on an exagerated and mad Yellowfin Tuna.

    I am a one man business just starting out, How do you do pricing?

  • Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • waiting for new thematic collections!

  • corrib logo is damn good

  • hanks for the heads up on the duplicate logo, including Fortuna. Firefish appears twice BTW.

  • This was a very good post. I really enjoyed looking at the logos designed around fish, LOL.
    Some of them were really unique and inspiring.
    Thanks for taking the time to gather such an excellent collection.
    Good luck to you and keep up the good work!

  • Jhon

    Everything is perfect. I have been to some logo designers but this is really the best.

  • I love the logos. I really cant stop looking at them. They could really attract you with their designs and nothing is dull. Thanks.

  • I love the fish designs. You really have very good skill and the creativity is there. Keep it up and more success to you.

  • Fishes are colorful… hence a great source of inspiration for logo colors..

  • wow. I was looking in google image came across your site. awesome. I really like your designs

  • its really inspiring