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HDR Photography: 25 Tutorials + 50 Awesome Examples


Taking great shots can sometimes become a difficult and daunting task, high dynamic range also know as HDR can make your photographs stand out and come to life. HDR technique is achieved by capturing a series of photographs at different exposures and then merging then together using a software of your choice. When applied with care, HDR technique can turn your plan photos into something very spectacular.


In this post you’ll find a set of 25 HDR tutorials to get you started with HDR photography. You’ll find everything from Creating a pseudo-HDR effect with local contrast to 8 Easy Steps to Fake an HDR Look in Photoshop. These helpful tutorials will be followed by 50 awesome examples HDR Photography.


1. Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom

This tutorial will teach you to how produce and correct a single RAW image into a stunning HDR masterpiece using only Lightroom.

2. How to Easily Fake an HDR Effect in Photoshop

A quick Flickr guide to fake HDR effect really fast.

3. Exposure blending tutorial: Photoshop

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating a good HDR scene in Photoshop.

4. HDR Photoshop Tutorial with Photoshop

This guide shows an easy way to fake HDR technique with Photoshop.


5. Video tutorial: Create a pseudo-HDR effect with local contrast

This tutorial covers a simple and versatile Photoshop process for creating HDR-detailed image, much like tone mapping.


6. Create Artistic HDR Photos in Lightroom Without 3rd Party HDR Software

This Lightroom tutorial will tell you how to create a .pseudo. HDR effect in a few steps.


7. Video Lightroom 4 Tutorial . Fake HDR

In this tutorial you.ll see how to brighten up the shadows of RAW photo without overexposing the highlights and whites.


8. Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography

In this tutorial you.ll learn how to take such high-quality stunning HDR shots.


9. HDR Tutorial . Using More Than One HDR App On A Single Image

This guide will walk you through the process of creating an HDR effect using more than one app.


10. 8 Easy Steps to Fake an HDR Look in Photoshop

Easy step-by-step instruction that shows how to easily fake HDR technique.


11. How to Shoot and Post-Process Professional HDR Photos in One Day

In this lesson you.ll learn a few easy secrets of crafting a shoot sequence for HDR and creating a pro quality HDR shots on both Photoshop and Photomatix (it.s all up to you).


12. Gimp Tutorial: Add HDR-like Effect to a Normal Potrait Picture

In this post you.ll learn how to turn an ordinary portrait into a good HDR-picture.


13. Create a Stylised HDR portrait with Photoshop CS6

Use Photoshop CS6 to add your pictures a stylish eye-catching finish.


14. Create an HDR effect in Photoshop CS5

Experience new heights of Photoshop CS5 and create an HDR image as fast as never before.


15. How to Manually Create an HDR Photo in Photoshop

Create an HDR effect for real estate photo using Photoshop CS5.


16. HDR Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop

Use layers in Photoshop to create HDR effect in no time.


17. HDR Photo Tutorial

A detailed video tutorial that will teach how to take HDR shots.


18. Photoshop Tutorial: Pseudo HDR

In this tutorial you.ll see how to transform any photo into an HDR one.


19. HDR tutorial with Photomatix

An easy HDR tutorial that will help you to achieve very dramatic results with Photomatix.


20. HDR tutorial

One more easy Deviant Art tutorial that will teach you how to fake HDR effect. Just download zip-file with tutorial to make it a snap.


21. Fake HDR effects in Photoshop Elements

In this guide you.ll see you how to process multiple raw format files to reveal specific tonal details and then use the standard Elements Photomerge command to combine them into a single image packed with detail.


22. Photoshop Tutorial: Create A HDR Effect In 5 Steps

Create a stunning HDR effect using filters in Photoshop.


23. How to Tone Map and Create an HDR Like Image Using Only Lightroom 3 . Lightroom Video Tutorial

A simple Lightroom video tutorial to fake HDR effect.


24. HDR Photography With Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial you.ll learn how to shoot and edit HDR pictures in Photoshop.


25. Amazing Graffiti HDR Tutorial

RAW image is recommended to create an HDR picture following this tutorial.


50 Stunning HDR Photos for Your Inspiration

Hold on, we are not quite done yet! There are still 50 really awesome examples of high dynamic range photography that will truly inspire you to give birth to your own creations.


1. HDR Rumpiyang Bridge by a2udoank


2. on_track5 HDR by BIGGjeppe


3. High Dynamic Range Photography by ORIOS DESIGNS


4. Converse HDR try by ThavipaNL


5. HDR Photography by Santiago Chamba Cardenas


6. Light and Dark by Steve Huskisson


7. HDR Photography by Mike Tungate


8. HDR Photography by MattMadeMedia.com


9. Fire and Water Drop 02 HDR by Creative–Dragon


10. The Ferris Wheel HDR by ISIK5


11. Time by Jan Zeman


12. Office HDR by evrengunturkun


13. HDR Old Corvette by braxtonds


14. A taste of freedom v2 HDR by TomekKarol


15. Happy Holidays from the Bay Bridge by Aaron M


16. HDR Photography by David Giral


17. HDR Photography by Abdula Ameer


18. Sunrise hdr by Relamz


19. Out Africa by yara GB


20. Beach HDR by ruioliveira-photo


21. My Porsche Boxster HDR by Witch-Dr-Tim


22. HDR Photography by Tawsif Khan


23. Summer HDR by AyseSelen


24. Addicted to Chaos HDR by ISIK5


25. Good Morning Maiga ! by Mohd Zaki Shamsudih


26. Chess HDR by NeotericMetrist


27. Photography in Paris by Ino Kermc


28. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography by J.K. Elliman Photography


29. HDR’s by JCarlos Elgueta


30. Docklands Marina HDR by DanielleMiner


31. HDR Ilocos by Earl Paed


32. Don Mills Subway Station by Roland Shainidze


33. Haunted by Satellites II HDR by ISIK5


34. The Glass Palace HDR by ISIK5


35. HDR Cows by Squadz2000


36. Handheld HDR Luka Maretic


37. Mark HDR by PenguinPhotography


38. Snow Dog – HDR Experimentation by Emily Miller


39. My Cam by Aman Dhingra


40. Great Pyramid HDR by ammardesigns


41. HDR Project by Marco Sassi


42. Pisardi by Josep Sumalla


43. Sky Bar Sirocco by Suradej Chuephanich


44. Atlanta Skyline by Marc Perrella


45. 78 Trans Am – 400 Sm Block HDRby Witch-Dr-Tim


46. Shem Creek – HDR by Carise


47. Vendetta HDR by kevindebie


48. Twisting by the Pool HDR by ISIK5


49. Mussels HDR by MihaiDaniel


50. Rooftops HDR by almiller