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The Popularity Of Vintage And Retro Adverts


Vintage adverts have never been as popular as they are now – but why? Why do people have such a penchant for collecting these adverts from the past and what can we expect the future of print ads to look like?



If you open up any old magazine or catalog, you’re sure to see advertisements that have a vintage look to them. The unusual thing is between the years of around 1930 to 1980, many of these ads only ran for a month before being replaced by another advertisement.

This means that there is a huge market of these sorts of ads in existence. And also a collectors bug out there for one.

Old vintage advertisements hold great value, as adverts and posters from certain times, such as World War 2 or during other notable times reflect that era. It gives them a timeless and wide significance to a lot of people who are aware of, have an interest in, or collect items from a certain period or event.

Many of these advertisements were more apparent for certain industries. It is common to see these posters for alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, domestic cleaning products and technology and means of travel.

The art in some of these adverts is magnificent and showcases the movements of the time. Many of these works are very orientated towards artistic movements such as pop art, futurism and constructivism. This means that to an extent they are as much pieces of art as they are mere retro decoration.

Although the vintage and retro style is currently trending, the future of vintage ads is clearly a changing one. There will not be as many prints sources with the advent of the Internet and so the idea of a poster a month or so is gone. However, we are sure to see innovative and technologically aware prints that may use things such as QR Codes with our phones for attention, or will become more specialized as niche magazines become all the more popular as the mainstream enters the digital age. We do know one thing, that advertising is to get more complicated as social media and digital ads will have to coincide with old fashioned print.

Great Examples of Vintage and Retro Adverts