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Top 20 Parallax Scrolling Web Designs That Will Inspire You


The parallax illusion is one of the wonderful effects to hit the world of website design. We have showcased the finest examples of websites that have amazing parallax scrolling effects. It can be used to add a subtle treat to the site’s background or to create an intriguing browsing experience.

Parallax scrolling is an excellent scrolling technique, where background images move at a slower rate to the foreground images, creating an illusion of depth, while scrolling down the page and adding to the immersion. The technique has gained immense popularity in the past few years. Here, we have put together some of the best parallax scrolling web designs to inspire you. They offer a pleasant user experience as well as help you generate interesting ideas for website designing.

The parallax effect has been used in classic video games for many years, but brought into the trend in the website design community, when it was first implemented into the background of Silverback application website. This incredible effect has become an interesting part of the scrolling feature of a web page with different background images, moving at distinct speeds.

Amazingly, this showcase of websites brings together some of the latest vertical scrolling parallax effects of web design, beginning with the ever-popular “Activate Drinks” website. Each and every website is an ultimate example of parallax web design and will surely inspire you to create innovative ideas for your website. Make sure to check out each website individually and hit the scroll-wheel to view the full effect.


Excellent Examples Of Amazing Parallax Website Designs


Activate Drinks


With a great pre-load idea, “Activate Drinks” includes 3D elements that have been utilized by creating bubbles in the foreground, mid and the background. The company is known to offer a variety of drinks with added vitamins.


Dream Pretzels


Dream pretzel offers crispy pretzel chips made with all the natural ingredients without any food colors, fats or cholesterol, keeping your health in mind. It has wonderfully depicted its new product, its ingredients, and the way it is prepared. Explore the site to know more about this delicious treat.




AdSempre is renowned to offer optimal solutions in the field of internet marketing. The site is nicely created using the Parallax scrolling effects.




This exclusively created website allures every visitor. You must visit the site once to view the way it has showcased the foreground images with the moving background images.




Usually, 3D illusion is created in the site by the web designers utilizing images in their parallax effects. But, this website have gone far beyond that by bringing forefront in the parallax portfolio, which is really compelling.


Q Music Titanic


This incredible website showcases the important facts & figures related to the legendary “Titanic” cruise using parallax effects in a wonderful manner. This is one of the best examples of Parallax scrolling website designs.


Range Rover Victoria Beckham


The company has showcased its new product in an exciting manner. Isn’t it a great way to view the various parts of your desired product sitting at your place with just scrolling down. So, go through the complete site to learn more.




The latest trend of Parallax scrolling is greatly implemented by Putzengel that compels the visitors to return to the site. This is really an awesome example of Parallax scrolling web design to inspire you.


Smokey Bones


This amazing website is a great example of Parallax scrolling to get inspired.


Inception Explained


This amazing website has clearly showcased the concept of Inception with the help of Parallax scrolling effect. As you keep scrolling, it takes you to the next level, creating more interest. The site has wonderfully utilized the scrolling effect to explain Inception.




Oakley is a popular eye wear retailer and have successfully utilized the Parallax effect in their website. It is beautifully designed for the fresh Airbrake MX goggle that combines cool scrolling effects with outstanding photography depicting the product impressively.


New Zealand


As a traveler, New Zealand is the perfect destination to realize your dreams.




Cantilever is renowned to offer fish and chips of superior quality. They have exclusively showcased their services along with the menu and a great map making it easier for the visitors to make an order. The site gains more attention with its parallax effect as you scroll down the page.




This incredible website is the best example of cool & trendy web design that best utilizes Parallax effect.




Bata is a leading manufacturer and retailer of high-quality footwear. Its official website is one of the great examples of Parallax scrolling web designs. They have beautifully showcased their stylish and trendy products on the home page that to inspire their visitors.


Australian Trade Commission


This inviting website for the “Australian Trade Commission” showcases its competence report for Green Buildings. View the complete site by scrolling down to the extreme bottom or just following the arrow & enjoy the excellent parallax effect.




The official website of Bagigia has an entirely unique scrolling effect. It beautifully displays every feature of its product as you keep scrolling. This is undoubtedly a great example of scrolling effect.


Tiger Awareness


As the name suggests, Tiger awareness aims at raising funds & awareness to save the magnificent creature by working with the local communities as there are only 3000 tigers in remaining in the wild. You will actually feel like you are in front of tiger as the site has utilized the parallax effect in a great way to showcase the eyes of tiger.


Ben The Bodyguard


This website ensures protecting your secrets including photos, contacts, passwords and other sensitive stuffs on your phone. You will come to know exactly how it works as you move down with the page. The comments that appear as the man moves make it easier for you to understand the site’s goal.




This nicely created website is one of the good examples of Parallax scrolling web designs.



Thus, the above-mentioned websites are the ideal examples of Parallax scrolling web designs. The best thing about these sites is that they are unique in their own way utilizing the parallax effect in different manner.