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33 Unique And Creative Free Fonts


When you create a design project, typography is one of the first things that you take into consideration. Sometimes amazing illustrations or professional photo manipulations can’t deliver a proper message to the audience, whereas simple text can do a great job even without tricks. That is why, generally, well thought typography is an essential part of any design. With a great variety of tools and instruments that can be used to build a new typeface, font can easily and effectively create a necessary atmosphere being at the same time illustrative and decorative.

Surfing the web you will definitely stumble upon massive directories that include thousands of fonts. To filter and choose the most admirable ones is a really baffling problem, especially with designers who regularly add something new. Thus, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them.


So, in order to make your life a bit easier I have collected 33 exceptionally creative fonts that were created by talented people from The Behance community and spread freely. You will find truly unique typefaces that can be used for various purposes.


Cosmo Path Type by filiz sahin

Stitching Font by filiz sahin

BitSyringe: Letter set by karo akpokiere

Typometry Font by Emil Kozole

This is YURY by Stefano Fusaro

Bobber Typeface

Navia Type by 21LAB


Drop Type by filiz sahin

Spider Type by filiz sahin

Adamas Regular by Octavian Belintan

Alphageometry by markie darkie

HYPED Font by med ness

Sablon Type by filiz sahin

Muscle Type by filiz sahin

Knit Type by filiz sahin

HAIR Type by filiz sahin


Kocoon Light by Give Design

Driftwood by Heather Burrell

Homigos Font by M. Fairuzulhaq

el yazisi by filiz sahin

ARDUA FONT by Comoon laboratorios

Mun typeface by Vincenzo Vuono

Drebeden Font by Serge Shi

Barata Display by enrique arellano

Nougatine Font by Fabien Laborie

Figa Font by Pier Paolo

Skatekey Font by Greg Eckler


Henry Font by Marta Podkowinska

Metropolis 1920 by Josip Kelava

Opium Roadie by David Alexander Slaager

MAKHINA Font by Nuno Dias

Typeface Adec2.0 by Serge Shi