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20 Of The Best Flat Design Templates

A website is only as interesting as its’ design renders it. We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing just how engaging flat design is. The web community hasn’t just relied heavily on this style over the past year – it continues to support the trend with mounting enthusiasm. If you’re smart, then you too will […]

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Axure vs Mockplus vs Balsamiq – Wireframing Design Tool Comparison

Wireframing tools make creating a website or application fundamentally easier, by allowing designers or design team purely focus on functions and user interactivity with conceptual prototypes in hand. Generally there are more prototyping tools than ever, each offering different levels of functions. For another thing, making a right choice amongst them can be daunting especially […]

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Win a $10,000 Dream Setup in the UltraWide Festival 2015

For those who are interested in technology, gaming, and dream of creating their own successful blogs, YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and followers, we introduce the UltraWide Festival. This Festival all started from an idea where, with LG’s latest innovation, up-and-coming YouTubers can become the next YouTube Star through maximizing their content creation, insights, and editing skills.

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