8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress

Although the concept of a content management system (CMS) must have arrived in this world earlier , WordPress was officially launched in 2003 as a blessing for a majority of individuals. A content management system allows you to develop a blog or website without having to learn advanced computer languages like C++ or coding. Knowing these skills is obviously an advantage because  you can then modify or create your own themes and plugins according to your own needs.

Out of all CMS’s that are available, WordPress cannot be a perfect substitute for any because of the fact that its interface is highly user friendly. People usually do not even need to watch video tutorials to understand the basic features and tools because the interface has everything clearly written. Entrepreneurs are one of those people who definitely needs a website for their business operation and expansion but there are several problems they need to encounter if they get a professional website developed without using a CMS like WordPress. This may include high costs, delays in repairing websites when they go down and too much reliability on others. Following are some reasons why every entrepreneur must consider WordPress for their website needs:

  • Cost effectiveness:

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When you think of businesses like restaurants and department stores, the operational costs are already too high due to which the profit declines. Since the aim of every entrepreneur is to maximize profit by minimizing costs, they try to adopt cheaper yet efficient strategies of running a business. One way of cutting setting-up and operational cost is by using WordPress as your platform for website. There can be two cases: firstly, you are a computer science graduate who knows coding and programming so you can create an exceptional website without incurring any major costs. Secondly, you outsource the WordPress website which is usually the case.

If you outsource the development and maintenance of your website, it would cost significantly lesser than the website developed using C++ and HTML and no CMS. Also, outsourcing is better since entrepreneurs are too busy to keep the website maintained even if they know programming. However, this would give them an edge since they can immediately respond to minor bugs without leaving the website down for some time.

  • Customizable plugins:

The fact that numerous plugins are already available on WordPress and developers can create new or modify existing plugins means that developers can create as good of a website through WordPress as they can using programming and complex codes. Plugins are essential in WordPress for small and large websites because they tend to add features to it. Features of online payment, ecommerce, search engine optimization and social media sharing are all added via plugins and you can modify them according to your needs.

  • Customizable WordPress themes:

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The theme of a website is a significant determinant of how much traffic you receive and how many clients you retain. If the appearance of a website is professional, the visitors are likely to use the services considering the website reliable and credible. Therefore, the option of using a customized theme for your business website could be very beneficial. There are developers who work solely on designing the themes as per the requirement of clients. You would be required to give an idea about the theme and the website will have that business specific theme.

  • Less risky in case of bugs and crashes:

A technically programmed website can only be fixed by the person who designed it or some very experience and skilled person. This is because they use some self-designed complicated codes when developing the website. In case the website goes down or crashes, you cannot fix it by yourself even if you have basic knowledge of coding due to immense reliability on the developer. On the other hand if your website is based on the WordPress CMS, you will not need to rely on others to that extent.

It is easier to solve minor bugs on WordPress with basic knowledge of information technology which means there is no risk of your website being down unnecessarily. It is important to eliminate website crashing because businesses may lose clients this way. The competition is immense and clients do not hesitate to jump to a competitor if a website is down.

  • SEO friendly platform:

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Developing an exceptionally attractive website and maintaining it is not the only job entrepreneurs need to get done. It is imperative that they get the website optimized on search engines which is relatively efficient through WordPress. Search engine optimization is an essential part of website development because it helps generate traffic on the website through which businesses get revenue and chances for expansion improves.

There are numerous plugins that enables websites on WordPress platform to get optimized efficiently. The reason is that WordPress framework is easy to crawl which can optimize your website faster and better than any other platform.

  • Cybercrime is a threat:

Regardless of whether you create your website on WordPress or spend a hefty amount on a technically built website, the threat of hacking and security breach always remains. This is because hackers and cyber criminals somehow find ways to break into the security and take unfair advantage of the data you have. However, WordPress takes security very seriously which is evident through the huge number of plugins available for website security. You can always ask a professional developer to make the plugins stronger so that your data is secure at all times.

  • Easy to switch between hosting providers:

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Reliable website hosting is essential and you may come across some inefficient hosts. You have the option of immediately getting rid of them and switching to better hosting services because WordPress works with almost every server, thanks to the increasing global popularity.

  • Scheduling posts on specific timings:

If you are running a small business and do not want to spend on website management, you may manage it by yourself. Being an entrepreneur, you may not have enough time to post new blogs or content after every few hours which is essential to keep a website active and on top of search engines. With WordPress, you can simply schedule the content which will be posted automatically on the scheduled time.

Final Thoughts

So WordPress as a CMS could be very beneficial and useful for entrepreneurs who aim to minimize costs and expand their business as soon as possible.

Jennifer Brown is a computer science graduate currently pursuing her postgraduate studies in programming and mathematics at Essay Help @Speedyessay. She worked as an IT manager for a multinational corporation and aims to initiate an IT consultancy firm of her own.

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