Top 10 Web Design Trends To Rule 2013

Every New Year starts with new resolutions, predictions, and expectations. The ever-evolving technology seems to set new dimensions for the web designers in 2013 as it has been doing over the years. If a web designer doesn’t remain abreast with the latest technologies or the prevailing trends, less are the chances to win over large numbers of global clients. Web designing professionals should consider the demands of the web design clients as well as the changing tastes of the end users, influencing those demands.


For all those looking to see web designing trends predictions to rule 2013, this writing will provide some useful insight.

1- Responsive Web Designing – For Responsive Audiences

With the latest innovations in the Smartphone industry, the trends of web browsing are changing. A responsive web design lets the users access a website at any device while having the same look and feel. It will also benefit web designers because they won’t have to design different websites for different devices, but a single design will be compatible to desktops and mobile devices.


2- Typography In Designs – Replacing The Images

With variations available in typography, designers find it hard to choose the best fonts that enhance the look and feel of a website. Compared to previous years, in 2013, typography will see more focus from the designing aspects. Designers won’t go for more images instead of longer text, as beautiful typography would be strength for a website in coming year.


3- Vertical Scrolling – For Smooth Navigation

At present, designers are using vertical as well as horizontal scrolling for websites made to hit the mobile-based customers. 2013 will see vertical scrolling taking the lead while leaving behind the horizontal scrolling. Menus and buttons having vertical scrolling would also be in trend during next year. It will help the site visitors to read the page from top to bottom while having the menus and buttons go along with scrolling while letting the visitors not to move upward to see them once again. Vertical scrolling is meant to provide the website visitors with smooth navigation.


4- Huge Buttons – To Facilitate The Smartphone Generation

The ‘touch and tap’ generation is greatly influencing the changing trends of web designing. Huge buttons would be the focus of web designers in coming year. Instead of being just a beatification element, these huge buttons would be used as a functional feature. Although huge buttons make tapping lot easier, but they involve more graphics that slow down the website. It seems so this trend won’t last for longer as designers would have to find some alternative.


5- Website Branding – Replacing Website Designing

In 2013, website branding would be the demand of the web based business owners because they want their business be noticed at search engines and among targeted audience. Therefore, web designers would have to use the design elements that support the business and give a brand image to the logo. This branding concept is going to make the competition tougher in 2013.


6- Parallax Scrolling –  Giving Designers More Freedom

Parallax scrolling effects would be on rise in 2013. Although the effects are already in use particularly for video games, but the coming year will see designers using these effects and having more control over the design objects while creating a website.


7- Web Page Backgrounds – Occupying The Full Page

Website background should support the foreground and it will be the trend on rise in 2013. All the design elements should work cohesively to ensure the pleasant user experience and to enhance the brand image of the site. For that purpose, good quality vectors and photos are needed, instead of disjointed photos because these distract the site visitors.


8- Landing Page Videos – To Attract Visitors

Visitors visiting a site get attracted in the first few seconds and a video can do that magic. Video should be made professionally and should reflect the importance of buying products or services offered by the business.


9- Social Sharing Options – Increasing Customer Engagement

Modern consumers prefer to go for purchasing the items that have received positive reviews at different social media platforms. Integrating social sharing buttons onto a website not only keeps the visitors engaged, but also enhances the brand awareness.


10- Flash Websites – Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Flash is nowhere in the web design trends’ list of upcoming year. HTML 5 is replacing flash as it helps in creating dynamic websites free from any bugs and lags. Flash also increases the website load time that would be a big distracting element for the prospective customers of the business.

If it’s said that 2013 would be the year of user-friendly web designs then it might not be wrong. Web designers will have to consider the technological changes and the consumer behavior while creating effective websites. First impression of a site can be a source of attraction or repulsion for the visitors. Therefore, web designers should keep the end users in mind when it comes to choosing different design elements.

Do you know any more designing trends that will hit 2013? Leave a comment and share with us!


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  1. All points are right. web designers in 2013 is not so easy without considering these points. I agree with your point on the strength of typography. Thanks for these info.

  2. The sooner flash is gone, the sooner the barrier between desktop and mobile sites beings to disappear. Making sure that both desktop and mobile sites both use the same technology is important to creating perfectly fluid, responsive sites.

    Many of these changes are excellent for the tablet and mobile user base with the trends such as typography instead of images, responsive design and no flash content.

    As the amount of mobile and tablet web users is estimated to overtake desktops soon, these features will make sure your website doesn’t get left behind.

  3. I’m a huge fan of “flat” design, and it’s something i’ll definitley be incorporating into more of my work going forward. It just looks so much cleaner, and it’s easier on the eyes!


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