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The expansion of internet has really pulled in some interesting and unbelievable benefits to millions of people worldwide! It is because of the expansion of internet today we have surplus eCommerce solutions selling numerous products to customers worldwide.


Today we have many customers that shop blissfully from various remote locations without any fuzz. The easy-to-use product ordering systems with unique specifications preferred by customers have made ecommerce a sensation all around the globe. The advantages of ecommerce solutions are limitless and I don’t want to concentrate a lot on them as our topic is completely different from that discussion. Well, today we have an interesting topic “Which shopping cart to favor – Magento or osCommerce?” which could be beneficial for plenty of individuals or businesses that plan to host their ecommerce stores in the near future.


Below, I have listed some of the crucial differences that are experienced by most customers that used both versions for their shopping processes.


Web Hosting

Magento – It is a robust open source platform but coded heavily. In order to relish the ultimate benefits of using Magento as a platform, it requires private or dedicated servers like Apache/MySQL/PHP to run smoothly. The overly complicated coding style of Magento makes it tough for the store owners as it runs fairly slow. In addition, it requires a great deal of skills and thousand files to run while customizing it.

osCommerce – It is a feature-rich open source platform. It isn’t coded heavily and it doesn’t require any special or dedicated servers to host. All osCommerce requires is a web server with great PHP coding and MySQL installation for a smooth performance. Customizing and setting up the entire platform becomes absolutely easy and simple. As there is no heavy coding involved, it works pretty fast compared to Magento.


Extensibility and functions

Magento – It comes up with some sparkling and high-quality useful extensions with incredible functionality. In fact, Magento is highly extensible with some adorable features. The functionality like coupons, Meta tags, product comparisons are really powerful enough to fascinate most customers that visit your shops.


osCommerce – Though, it comes out with some interesting plugins and functionality, it really lacks the additional functions mentioned above for Magento. In fact, all the additional functionality mentioned above is exclusively important for attracting more customers and improving businesses.


Shopping cart designing

Magento – Offers exclusive and impressive shopping cart to customers. Adding multiple stores and managing them from a single admin panel is very possible. The “store view” option proves to be too hot as it allows store owners to come up with multiple stores under one roof with diverse pricings, languages for the same products.

osCommerce – it offers a tidy and impressive online shopping cart to visitors. But it never allows setting up multiple stores which could help your business grow effectively. Also, you could not meet the requirements of different users as it doesn’t come up with a “store view” option as in the case of Magento.


Backend coding

Magento – it offers a commanding backend operation as it is designed with some solid and clean coding. The backend operation of Magento is extremely easy and it becomes quite easy to control the performance of your entire store without any hassles and bustles.

osCommerce – Though it has a professional backend designing and coding, it is nowhere near to the proficiency level of coding designed for Magento. The web owners may find it difficult to control the entire functionality as well as adding new products to stores. Simply put, the coding isn’t up to the standard of the current market.


Update facilities

Magento – it follows trends and reads the market performance closely. It is the reason why Magento often comes up with some interesting and innovative updates which pleases most users which in turn web owners. In general, Magento comes up with an update for every 10 to 15 days to maximize the shopping performance of the users.

osCommerce – On the contrary, Os web owners as well as users rarely enjoy any updates. As it is a platform that originated more than 12 years before, it isn’t showing keen interest on releasing updates and improving the performance of the site. It is really one of the biggest setbacks that have forced many businesses to go with Magento.


Customer management

Magento – it offers some attractive facilities to woo customers as it helps the store owners to create distinct user groups. Attacking the different customer groups with distinct product pricings could be beneficial for the rich sales. In fact, there are more features for better representing your products online and appeasing customers.

osCommerce – it never encourages the store owners with such kinds of innovative customer management features. None of the features and facilities mentioned for Magento is applicable for OsCommerce which makes store owners to reconsider their decisions on moving to different platforms.


Designing, security, and customization

Magento – it is a feature-rich platform which is perfectly designed to meet the customer needs in mind. It offers unprecedented security to the web owners as well as the customers. Though it is proved to be heavily coded, customizing Magento online stores are not that difficult as it offers incredible extensions to provide scintillating shopping experience to users.

osCommerce – Though, designing, security and customization are not below par the industry standards. Adding personal touch using different contemporary extensions is never possible in this platform. It never comes up with regular updates and new updates.


However, both the ecommerce platforms are reliable and worthy to invest in. But, Magento overshadows osCommerce by the innovation and forward-looking parameters. So, analyze your business and products carefully before choosing the best ecommerce solution for your online business.


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