How to Design Beautiful Mobile Apps for an Online Store

One can see the importance of the mobile app for shopping in that the projected worldwide sales figure for mobile e-shopping will touch $162.5 billion by the end of the year. And yet there is no urgency shown by the online retailers in moving towards this platform. Only 10% of them offer mobile e-shopping facilities on their site.

Tendency of the online shopper


It is inevitable that most of the mobile phone users will prefer to use their mobile phone and the mobile shopping site. This is because the people who are working with their computers have better things to do than to search for shopping sites, though there are instances when this happens. The more likely scenario is that they do their shopping on the mobile phone. This is because the mobile phone is always at hand and the mobile sites are so easy to use. You select the option you want and click. There is no fuss about it when you use the mobile ready shopping site.

The desirable features of the online shopping app must include many things. Primarily it must be a simple-to-use app that does not have complicated directions or moves. By making the user interface for the e-commerce mobile app simple, you get more people to use it. When the app becomes popular, the online shopping site gains fame. In fact, the success of the online store is reflected largely in the way the customer can use it without any trouble.

Shortcoming of the mobile website


The drawback in the mobile app is that the screen size is small. You cannot accommodate as many things as you did on the regular website for the desktop computer. You should prune the items you can display and yet keep the functionality alive. The customer who comes to the online store must find it easy to buy the things they desire. It is no use if the customer clicks on a specific item and then finds that the website stalls and does not respond, or that he has kept moving the screen to see what he wants. This happens to poorly designed websites that show a big screen instead of one that is optimized for the use on mobile phones. In addition, the mobile phone users will not like to keep signing in and signing out – this process must be avoided or reduced to a simple click in and click out.

With this in mind, the website designer must try to keep the ads to a minimum. Advertising videos and pop-ups on the screen will distract the user. If there is sufficient distraction, they will stop surfing the site and try to find another shopping site. So, if one wants to use ads, they must be on the last line of the site after the user checks out.

Design to help time saving


The obvious saving is in time, other than the effort spent in signing in and searching for the thing you want. To encourage this time saving, the route from the selection to the checkout must be simplified. For instance, a person will always have an Add to the Cart button on the screen just like they will have the option to checkout at any time. They can save the item for purchase later and all this must be possible on the mobile screen.

Final Thoughts

Given that over 85% of the smartphone users will check into a mobile shopping site from their phones instead of going in search of the computer and logging into the shopping site, it is time for online markets to change. And, it is only the well-designed online stores that will be around to reap the harvest when it happens. It is due to happen anytime soon.

By Luigi

Co-founder of Designrfix

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