How 9 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Web Designs Trends 2018

Undoubtedly the basic purpose of websites is to attract new visitors and keep the older ones and make them perform the specific task on your website. Each website is designed to perform the above basic functions. On the other hand, the website owner makes it a point to upload the content and images that serve the purpose of attracting the traffic. However, there are pursuits that do not serve the purpose and the users leave the page and go.

Thus there are few approaches towards web design that one must consider when designing a website:

1. Focus on Attractive Layout:

When given a few minutes to see a content 70% of people prefer to read the material that has been beautifully designed and laid out in an attractive manner. On the other hand, the web page that has been designed ordinarily does not engage the readers and thus they may just leave the page. With these stats,  there are chances that they may not return to your web page thus decreasing the traffic of your page,

2. Slow Loading Website:


This is a major turn off for any person navigating on your web page. Slow loading web pages are a big problem for the website owners. If a site takes too long to upload or does not upload at all then 40% of the people will not spend their time any further on your website. As per the stats, retailers have lost a lot of sale all due to the site being too slow. Call to action buttons are a feature that any website must have. A slow site drives away the customers.

3. Sites with Concrete Contact Information:

Websites that have thorough contact information are more appreciated than the websites that have distorted or unorganized contact information. If a site does not have thorough contact information visitors tend to leave the page and do not return back. A web page should have email ids and contact numbers to keep the visitors intact to the page.

4. Responsive Web Page:


Web pages are designed on the desktop but used or viewed mostly from the cell phones. Thus the web pages should be responsive and fit to be viewed from smartphones. As per the stats of every 3 minutes that a user spends on the net 2 minute is from the smartphone. Using smartphones makes visiting the web page easier to scroll up and down rather than clicking on the links to visit the several pages. This does not depict the bounce rate rather it is the speed that helps in quick browsing of the web page. This company’s website should be as good as or better than the desktop website.

5. Content of the Web Page:

The visitors who have visited your web page will check the company’s product or service page. Visitors want to see the information about the product or the service offered by the company. Visitors also look for the contact information being provided by the company on its homepage. Also, the focus is paid on the about us information on the website. All this information should be well presented on the web page. The visitor should be able to find all the information that he requires from the web.

6. Visitors to the Company’s Web Page:


The visitors have come to your web page. They visit the navigation menu to orient them or click on the company’s logo to visit the homepage. This web page should be designed to make the navigation easier.

7. More Use of Bright Colors:

Bright colors seem to be in a trend that will tend to attract the visitors. The characteristics of flat or material, bold color are captivating and can help draw a user into a design. Bright and bold color choices give a fresh wave and appeal to young users. The color choices can also create an unexpected aesthetic and lead to better vibe for the website and this adds to a bigger dimension of the website. It arouses positive emotions in the users.

8. Voice and Natural Language Search:


Web design is not all about visual, a part of it is also about being audible. The interface that can hear and understand voice command to incorporate search terms that accept natural language helps have a positive impact on the website design projects.

9. Fluid Shapes:

Poly shapes and geometrical shapes were the highlights of the web pages earlier but presently more fluid shapes and animations are gaining popularity. The 3D characteristics tend to have more appeal. Instead of sharp edges, each shape should have more smooth curves that flow through the design.

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