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Good writing takes talent, but exceptional writing takes practice. As any writer will tell you, the best way to improve your writing skills is to write small pieces every day. However, one of the biggest challenges for any writer is finishing their projects on time. The temptation of the Internet is so strong that most writers are having a hard time defeating distractions.

You sit down in front of your computer, type a few sentences, and then you hear that buzz coming from your smart phone. That buzz tells you that there is something exciting happening in the world of social media. Or maybe you received an email from one of your clients. Mobile notifications are undoubtedly useful, but they can kill your concentration. An hour has already passed and you realized that your output is only a paragraph or two. Not good!

If you’re looking for an app that will help you write without distractions, you might want to consider using BlankPage. This app will help keep the distractions as bay, so you can make the most out of your writing sessions.

What is BlankPage?

BlankPage is a writing app that minimizes distraction. It has everything you need to start writing, guide you through the writing process, and provide inspiration to make sure you keep writing.

Before you get started, Blankpage will require you to set a writing goal each day. You decide how many words you would like to write per day. This app provides a clean environment that tracks your progress to make sure you reach your goals.

This writing app features an intuitive task management platform, where you can set and track you goals daily. It has a clean layout with only your blogs or stories on screen, along with your word count per day. Minimalism is obviously the key here. Everything that may distract a writer is eliminated and only what is necessary is kept. It eliminates all the annoying distractions that may hinder your ability to write.

BlankPage will not only help you stay on task, it will also help you make the most out of your writing sessions.

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We are all feeling distracted these days. It can be hard to stay on task when the distractions are right at your fingertips.

If you are someone who gets distracted easily while writing, then we highly recommend that you take advantage of this deal. Lifetime subscription with BlankPage is valued at $499.  But this week at Designrfix Deals, we’re giving you a chance to get this app at a very low price. For a limited time offer, you can get this app for an extremely low price of $24.99. That’s 97% savings!

This deal is available for a limited amount of time only. In fact, you only have 4 days to get this writing tool for $24.99. So if you are interested, then we urge you to buy now.

BlankPagecan works on any device as long as it’s connected to the internet. That means you can write and use the app whenever you want, wherever you want. Since this is a lifetime subscription, you can enjoy this distraction-free app for several years.

Here at Designfix, we want to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase. If you find that you aren’t satisfied, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll issue a store credit refund within 15 days of purchase. No questions asked.

If you are interested to get lifetime subscription with BlankPage or if you want to learn more about this distraction-eliminating app, please click here.

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