10 Faces of Frankenstein in Design

One of my favorite things about graphic design is that our favorite characters can be interpreted in so many different ways without losing their fundamental attributes. One such character is Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s monster remains one of the most popular creatures in literature and new media, so much so that he is often just referred to as “Frankenstein,” though that moniker was actually owned by his creator. No matter what you call him, you can glean inspiration for your own Frankenstein designs with the following 10 distinctly different treatments.


Frankenstein by Jorge Maduro


The classic movie monster gets a splash of graffiti to add some color to his, eh, life.


Frankenstein by Marco Echeverria


A Frankenstein cartoon that reminds me of those Phil Hartman SNL skits. Fire, bad!


Frankenstein by Noumier


The larger, pixelated image features a congenial Frankenstein, but the smaller graphic shows ol’ Frankie so mad his neck bolts pop out!


Frankenstein by Ron English

Frankenstein's Pop Culture Monster

I honestly have no insight into this compelling design, obviously created by a skilled hand. Maybe it has something to do with Frankenstein being a sum of his parts?


Frankenstein by Thomas Acton

The simple curves and lines make this Frankenstein design spooky and strange with little detail. Acton does a good job of making a minimalist graphic design come to life.


Frankenstein Monster by Tomas Kral

Frankenstein monster

This is the most realistic design here, and incredibly it was all done digitally!


Franky by Nicebleed



This Franky is just plain freaky, from the golden glow to the heat wave, drippy accents. It looks like Frankenstein is melting under intense heat.


Frankenstein by Ziya Yagci

Frankenstein & ExLibris

This Frankenstein design was created to be a linoleum print!


Bride of Frankenstein by Jugo Gastrico


Even a guy comprised of sewn-together human body parts needs somebody to love!


Frankenstein by J.R. Braz


I love the textures and shadowing in this modern animation-esque Frankenstein design.