Vector Artwork: 50+ Inspirational Creations

Vector artwork has always intrigued me. When executed correctly, these creations can be simply stunning. In this post, I have assembled an amazing collection of vector artwork design which will truly inspire you. Each artist showcased has their own unique vector style.  Hopefully one of these creations will inspire you to create your own amazing design. Enjoy!

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CG Artwork: Superheroes and Villains

With the anticipation of movies Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 4 being released in the near future, I have decided to bring to you some amazing Superhero and Villain inspired CG artwork such as Iron Man, Spider-man, Batman and The Joker just to name a few. These CG creations are the works of some of the most talented computer graphic artists from around the globe. If you are a fan of DC comics books like me, you will definitely enjoy this post. See you at the movies!

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Best of the Web for the Week of October 4, 2009

Today we are showcasing “Best of the Web”. We have scoured the internet in search of other design driven blogs and websites to showcase what they have to offer for the week of October 4, 2009. There is plenty of great stuff out there such as tutorials, freebies, resources and lots of inspirational pieces. I am confident that your designs will benefit from these hot new finds.

Are you looking to contribute to our design community and possibly be featured in the “Best of the web” section?

Suggest a link to a relevant article, or submit your own! You will help push the design community to much higher levels.

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Designer Showcase: The Unmistakable Creations of Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is both an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. His creations are simply mind blowing. To achieve his works of art he maximizes the use of Illustrator and Photoshop. His technique of combining “swirly” arrangements with photos of people and faces is a style of design which is all his own. His works are both captivating and stunning. In this designer showcase I have put together an amazing collection of his artwork for you to view, hope you enjoy!

For more on Alberto Seveso you can visit his website

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Designer Showcase: Visually stunning artwork by James White

Everywhere I look these days I seem to run into great pieces of artwork from James White. That being said, it is only fitting that I take time to create this post and share with you some of his amazing artwork. James White is a truly gifted and talented designer and artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He started drawing as a child and now after many years of experience he has created some of the most visually stunning designs that I have seen in a while. His use of simple shapes and brilliant colors in his artwork is captivating and impressive. With no further introduction, here’s is a collection of some my favorite works by James White. Enjoy!

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