Why Clients Don’t Like Your UX Design & How to Handle UX Arguments

Being a UX designer isn’t always about getting compliments and getting credit for your great work. Sometimes, you have to cope with the feedback and criticism of difficult clients. Let’s discuss the reasons why some clients freak out when they see your UX design and how to handle such arguments.   Why don’t your clients … Read more

How Improving User Experience (UX) Can Add More Value To Your App

The successful development of the application depends on a combination of factors, but I think that you probably also believe that the mobile user experience as a whole (UX) tops them all. Applications that stand out in the market are those that offer a great UX. Now, there are countless elements that when applied in … Read more

6 Best UX Design Techniques That Every Designer Should Know

What do you think, which mobile app would users prefer better: the one with limited features but with a smart UX design, or a highly-advanced application but with complicated and inconvenient UX. The right answer is the first! The thing is that people are always in a hurry today, and they can quickly get annoyed … Read more