How Improving User Experience (UX) Can Add More Value To Your App

The successful development of the application depends on a combination of factors, but I think that you probably also believe that the mobile user experience as a whole (UX) tops them all. Applications that stand out in the market are those that offer a great UX. Now, there are countless elements that when applied in … Read more

How Functional Animations can improve UX of Your Mobile App?

The visual image puts a definite impression on mind. In an app, the primary impact is cast by user interface. In case the UI/UX is uninteresting, complicated, or not user- friendly, then the chances that a user will be attracted to that app diminish tremendously. On the other hand, if mobile UI design  is eye-catching, … Read more

10 Mobile Design Trends in 2022

Smartphones have long outpaced the growth and penetration of mainframes and have even been able to replace their bigger counterparts in several cases. For the industry, ‘design’ is not just about the looks but more about the way devices work. An interesting statistics reveals that more than 50% of smartphone owners will grab their phones … Read more