Top 9 Graphic Design Tools of 2018

It hasn’t been long since we’ve been in awe of experiencing the change that machines and computers brought into our everyday life. Since then technology continues to evolve and unfold many of its inspiring phases. We have seen a rapid evolution in the digital industry for which technology contributes at a large scale. Similarly, graphic design is no exception to such colossal improvisation and advancement. Every aspect of a graphic design industry is now enhanced with the touch of modernization from conceptual patterns to rich designs.

The profession is adopted at a broad force from creative designers all across the world. With the rise in its popularity, and the ever-growing competition there comes a need for more engaging and higher quality designs for which, there are tools and software. To guide you through some professionally productive and exceptionally great tools lets check out the list summarized below:

1.   Adobe Photoshop CC For Graphic:


A professional software that allows designers and photographers to skillfully edit, design and create enticing images. It has some tools and brushes that provide excellent finishing and perfect smoothness.

Key Features

  • Its brushes provide smoother and well-aligned strokes.
  • Users can control the level of smoothness from zero to 100 scale
  • The Stroke Catch Up mode allows users to use three strokes smoothing facility.
  • It has a pulled string mode that enables users to direct stroke movement.
  • Users can work on individual areas of a single picture from controlling shadows to exposure.

2.   CorelDraw

The industry-acclaimed top graphic design solution- CorelDraw is a Canadian firm. It provides users with an unbeatable interface to create the most compelling designs and patterns to delight the audience.

Key Features

  • The CorelDraw suite helps users to enjoy in-product learning and the best-quality content to reveal the creative sides.
  • It provides the freedom to customize a personal suite having unique desktop, tools, and layouts.
  • The pen-enabled device of CorelDraw makes it easier to open whichever project file a user wants to work on. Users can download advanced tools and icons for their projects.
  • Unmatchable color transitions and accuracy.
  • Powerful stylus enhancements
  • It provides multi-monitor

3.   Adobe Fireworks


It is most appropriate for handling all of your graphic design tasks. From extensive color palette to an easy interface, a professional toolkit with diverse design techniques it allows professionals to create engaging designs.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-make bitmap and vector images
  • Optimizing tools provides perfect balance between size and visual quality
  • A single platform to perform most of the website and app-design related work
  • Graphic cropping is a lot simpler with the facility to automate a repetitive task
  • Supports CSS and jQuery
  • Enable formatting in PSD, GIF, JPEG, and PNG

4.   Blender

Blender is a comprehensive tool for graphic designers, animators, visual effects professionals and game artists. It facilitates users with a wide variety of features and tools. From making captivating graphics one can even design animation models and video games.

Key Features

  • It has render engines called Cycles
  • Cycles add a realistic touch through light exposure in a 3D image
  • Enables the facility to enhance object interaction
  • Perform rendering through graphics card instead of CPU- a speedy process
  • It provides number-crunching technique to control the interaction timing in 3D games and video modules
  • From color-coding to managing exposure controls, users can create alluring gaming graphics
  • The animation tools enable users to produce feature-length movies,
  • The tool is well-equipped with animation editor software and features for inverse kinematics

5.   Inkscape


The open source graphics editor allows a unique way of making graphics. It provides a smooth, professional and expert interface for all your design needs. You can work on scalable graphics, animations and enjoy the modified vector nodes.

Key Feature

  • Node- the editing tool is the key feature of Inkscape
  • It facilitates designers to manipulate vector graphics
  • With nodes adjustments, you can edit, create and modify your objects
  • With node, it is much easier to scale your image
  • The tool offers perfect node alignment and distribution tools
  • Users can access a wide variety of tools like pencil tool, calligraphy, drawing and text tool
  • It enables SVG, PNG, PDF and EPS files formats

 6.   Adobe Illustrator CC

This professional vector graphics software enabling pixel-perfect designs is the best tool a graphic designer should have. The tool is most suited for vector graphics and allows designers to work on websites, corporate brand identity assets like logos and brochures along with video games.

Key Features

  • It enables path creation to automatically design aligned images
  • The snap to pixel feature helps to customize pixel-snapping drawings
  • Automatic alignment to pixel grade
  • A huge variety of almost 90 million features including patterns, templates, graphics, and images are available on the tool
  • Ready-made presets are available for the designer to start their designs from scratch

7.   Krita


The krita is an open source software that enables fast painting facilities to beginners and professionals. It is considered as an alternative to Photoshop. It provides the most innovative solutions to filmmaking and texture artists. It provides tools including color mixing, mirroring, painting, brushing, transforming, blending and smoothing.

Key Features

  • It provides 9+ brush engines
  • The variety of brushes serves individual purposes.
  • Ink ballpoint works like a ballpoint for delivering smooth graphic art
  • Brushes contains 100% opacity
  • Brushes acquires pressure size characteristic

8.   Serif DrawPlus X8

It is an expert graphic design platform known for a simple and unique interface. It enables vector-editing tools and features. Its features support users to place, edit, replace, and enhance images and objects. One can carry out perspective editing where images can be resized and reshaped. Furthermore, with the help of this tool, users can remove unwanted aspects from the object as well.

9.   Cacoo


 Cacoo is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create and enhance any image or object they want smartly. There are an extensive collection of brushes and editing tools available on the cloud. There is no need to download or install the software. You can easily access it whenever and wherever you want.

Key Features

  • Easy to get feedback from the cloud-based feature
  • A large collection of templates that includes wireframes, flowcharts, network diagrams, and org charts
  • Easy send and receive facility

Author Bio:

Jessica Paul works at a logo design company in UAE. He demonstrates unique and creative designing skills. Besides his professional career, he loves to share his knowledge with his online readers by uploading well-written blogs and reviews.