Grid Posting on Instagram

If you have an Instagram profile, you probably want to grow the number of followers. If you use your Instagram page to promote your website or you want to become an influencer, then you will need some tricks to achieve your goal. If you change the design of the profile, you may be able to attract more viewers. The hottest trend of the moment when it comes to Instagram design is grid posts. Grid posts break your picture into multiple parts that create a larger picture on your page. The parts of the photo will make people curious and they will visit your profile to see the entire picture. And while on your profile, they will probably click your bio link to find out more about you and even engage with your Instagram Stories.

You have two options; you can use the grid takeover when you want to draw attention to a certain piece of content or as a standard design for your profile. Either way, if you are new to this you may need some guidelines, so here they are.

Be Patient

If you want the strategy to be successful, then you need to be patient because it implies the photo pieces to be shared in sequences. You can share a chopped part every day of the week until the pieces fit together, and create the entire picture. If you do not have a plan, and you want to post a selfie before the flow is finished, you will interrupt it and you will destroy the final result.

Split Images into Multiples of 3

It may seem like logic now that you read it, but many people make the mistake to chop square photos into more than 9 parts. If you will split a square into nine parts, it will fit the feed naturally. If you need examples of perfect grids you can check the Instagram profiles of some plus-size models, they are masters in using their creativity when it comes to building Instagram content.

Post the Image in a Specific Order

For maximum result, you need to build the final image correctly. This means that you have to post the tiles in the correct order. If you choose to chop a photo in nine parts as we recommended you, the right order is:

  1. Bottom right
  2. Bottom middle
  3. Bottom left
  4. Center right
  5. Center middle
  6. Center left
  7. Top right
  8. Top middle
  9. Top left

When should you use grids?

This strategy helps you draw attention to your content, but do not overuse it because it will ruin its effectiveness. If you want a certain message to attract more viewers or you consider that a certain image deserves more space, you should use this trick.

The grid takeover is also effective if you want to build a brand presence on social media but you have limited resources. A fabulous grid can draw curious followers to your page.

If you are a fan of grid pages, you can design your profile entirely based on it because it will maintain your followers engaged.

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