7 Of The Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Now a day, social media analysis has become a primary form of business intelligence, and it is widely used to predict, identify, and respond to the consumer behavior. Listening to what your competitors, customers, critics, and supporters are saying about your brand or company is the key to getting great results from social media campaigning.

There is a plethora of social media analytics tools offering many ways to measure, analyze, display, and create reports about efforts in your social media campaign. These 7 tools will definitely help you leverage the power of your social networks to convert your connections into valuable customers.

1. Hootsuite



The top in our list is Hootsuite. It is a great tool and is highly trusted among social media professionals. It can accommodate many different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+ and Foursquare. With its single online dashboard, you are able to manage all your social media accounts in a hassle free manner. Apart from scheduling the posts and following up with interactions from followers, this analytic tool will keep you up-to-date on your endeavors.


2. Sproutsocial 1693852


SproutSocial effectively manages all of your social media accounts from its dashboard. It allows you to carefully schedule your social media posts in order to keep your strategy alive. This efficient tool offers you a variety of reports which will appeal to your marketing team as well as other departments. Some good features of this tool include the helpdesk functionality and the customer relationship management (CRM) tool. The helpdesk functionality is great for companies that do a lot of customer service, as these companies can easily organize any complaints or follow ups need to take care of.


3. Simply Measured 1693853


Simply Measured is one of the acknowledged and trusted tools in the social media world. It encompasses various desirable functions and can track analytics for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest. The reports of this tool are very user friendly and can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, or even directly into PowerPoint format. The free version of this tool allows you to generate three reports for free of cost in a 24 hour period.


4. Buffer 1693854


Buffer is a well-liked social media scheduling application. With this application, scheduling your posts is extremely easy. Further, all popular social media platforms are integrated with this tool. It also allows teams to stagger posts throughout the day to keep social media feeds alive and busy. It manages your accounts easily as well as its analytics are in depth and will show you a wide array of metrics anywhere from the engagement to reach of your posts.


5. IFTTT 1693855


The full form of IFTTT is “If This Then That”. It is a social automation tool which saves a lot of time and energy. This tool integrates with a lot of services especially the major social media platforms.  It follows a protocol that creates a “recipe” through factors (actions, triggers, ingredients) determined by the user. For instance, if you post a fresh blog article and want it to post on your Facebook at the same time, this tool will help you in doing that. IFTTT has much built-in integration and many different combinations of recipes that can be created to accomplish what you want. Other appreciated benefit of this tool is that it works well with Hootsuite and Buffer.


6. Tweetdeck 1693856


TweetDeck comes as a desktop and web application to monitor and manage analytics of your Twitter account. Its dashboard is similar to other management tools and the only difference in this tool is that it is solely focused on Twitter. The dashboard of this tool can be customized with many different variations to watch all the important factors of using Twitter in a single place. It is a good try if you are a heavy user of twitter and prefer an efficient tool that can be used from your desktop.


7. Tweetreach 1693857


If you mostly focus on Twitter and want to know the popularity of your tweet, then TweetReach is the best tool for you. It allows professionals to do research on lots of different aspects of using Twitter. If you want to see analytics for a particular URL, hashtag, or Twitter name, this tool will offer you all the information in an easy to read report. The free version of this tool only provides analytics for 50 tweets which match your search, but it should be enough to get a good idea of the probable reach, top contributors to certain hash tag or URL, and many more.


Final Words

In addition to big organizations, social media can affect small business owners; therefore, it is important for every company to track and monitor what is being said about them in the social networking websites. It is also essential to interact with the customers through various platforms of social media and analyze areas that need to be improved. Above mentioned tools will definitely help you manage your time and find out what is the best for your organization’s social media plan.


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