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4 Tips to Catch Social Fans with Magnetic Visuals

Any modern marketing strategy today must include socials to be successful. Whether we like it or not, social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are at the heart of most of the human interactions in the era of digitalization. Any brand who wants to advertise its products or services to a large audience must take advantage of this opportunity, and learn how to speak the “social” language to reach its customers.

Telling a catchy and funny story that attracts thousands of likes and shares is possible, even if you possess just a basic understanding of how these platforms work. Much accessible software such as Easil, in fact, allow even the less tech-savvy user to easily add magnetic and catchy visuals to their posts with drag and drop functions and templates. But let’s have a look at a few interesting ideas you can use to catch your fan’s attention and increase your revenues.


  • The Food Craze


People are obsessed with food nowadays. Sharing a picture of what we’re going to eat is a true ritual that seems to be an unreasonably important part of the eating experience. “Instagramming” a delicious dish is just as pleasant as eating it for many people, and knowing how to leverage this food obsession for your marketing campaign is part of your… recipe for success.

Even if your brand does not directly sell food items or works in the hospitality niche, you can still catch your viewers’ attention by wisely appealing to our natural gluttony. Invest in a professional photographer to take some great picture of seasonal products, or carefully choose some stock photo to spice up your posts with mouth-watering chocolate cookies. Make a direct connection with delicious dishes such as pizza with your product, through visually-backed metaphors. Show people food – and they will be hungry to buy your product!


  • Share step-by-step instructions


People want to know how to do stuff all day. Millions of searches every day are performed by users who want a quick and interesting guide on how to cook a dish, decorate their house or build some simple furniture piece. Making simple, easily digestible “how-to” guides is a guaranteed method to grab their attention. It’s up to you to advertise your brand in a sneakier or flashier way.

You can make colorful posters such as infographics to teach them every step of the process with funny images and pictures. Or if you want to invest a little more, use videos with real actors and products since many people just like to watch and listen rather than to read stuff. Just one thing – keep it as simple and straightforward as you can. Nobody is looking for a detailed guide on a social platform!


  • Celebrating a milestone


Did you finally reach the millionth user who bought your service? Is your company celebrating its 10th birthday since its foundation? Well, just celebrate it to show everyone the milestone you just reached. This type of post is an extremely effective way to tell everybody how successful your business is, actually enforcing your brand’s authority in your niche.

If the “celebration” post is humble yet catchy enough, it is also a great occasion to talk more about your past, your skills, and why your products are better than your competition. Telling everybody that a lot of people keep choosing you every day is a great way to take advantage of the “herd effect.” It’s also an effective method to reinforce your customer base’s loyalty. Just don’t forget to thank them all for helping you achieve this milestone!


  • Share user-generated content (UGC)


What content is best than content you didn’t have to pay? User-generated contents are freebies you can use to plump your social profiles with stuff that loyal customers will provide you. Everyone likes being acknowledged for his or her efforts, and by giving them their chance to post their picture, story or graphic on your network, you’re making them feel “famous” for a day.

People who are lucky enough to see their content featured, will also do their best to share and increase its visibility. They will join your advertising efforts in a very natural way, actually bringing you more views and possibly even new clients. Other than being a terrific way to reinforce your fans’ loyalty, this method is also extremely effective to tell every other potential prospect how satisfied your customers are.


Nice visuals and compelling stories are an extremely effective way to catch people’s attention. Make full use of this knowledge to boost your marketing efforts on social platforms, and your brand will grow day after day.


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