Streaming From YAY Images – Your Limitless Supply of Images for the Web

If there is one thing I do know it’s that one shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of good stock photos. Without microstock agencies, we’d all have to spend stacks of money on professional photographers – or otherwise risk getting sued by taking stuff we find on Google Images.


Royalty-free images can be used for more than one project and go easy on your budget, not to mention that they take very little time to acquire. Therefore, every sensible designer, blogger, advertiser or content manager should own accounts with a handful of stock merchants, and YAY Images would be my first choice.




Why? First off, because it’s like Spotify for images. You can search and buy any type of image that you need, very fast. You can even search for alternatives to an existing photo, by dragging and dropping it (from another site/YAY/your drive) into the visual search panel from the right side of your screen. When you like something, you can add it to your assigned folder, and then proceed to checkout by choosing the resolution of your elected items – and so pick the appropriate subscription plan.




Founded in 2014, YAY breathes fresh life into the stock photo industry. It makes its library available to three distinct categories of customers: people who work with high-resolution images in printed form, those who work with digital images of medium resolution for an app/PowerPoint/e-book, and finally online users. The Stream, Digital and Print subscriptions can be canceled at any point if that’s what the client wants.

Stream is the jewel of the set. This service is what caught my attention in the first place, because it’s the most convenient and time-effective manner to use web-sized images. When you reach the end of this article, an exclusive deal awaits you there, and you can provide your credit card information for Streaming but not get charged the first month.




Let’s look deeper into Streaming. It provides unlimited access to photos that are 700PX wide, so you can take as many as your heart desires in exchange for just $9.90/month. Amazing, right? Wait, there’s more. You can forget about Photoshop, because an in-browser editor makes easy work of modifying the image on-site. Afterwards, that item is hosted on YAY servers, so you need only take the code they provide you with and paste it on your blog/newsletter/website. At this point, you might wonder what happens if your plan expires or if you cancel it yourself. Well, the thing is, YAY Images never stops hosting your photos.

Use code FREE_TRIAL_DESIGNRFIX to get a free month of Streaming, a 20% discount for Digital, or 10% off the standard price for Print.

Finally, have a look at these beauties! These are samples summoned from the rich archives of YAY Images. Care to see more? Visit their website.