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Finding a certain font that compliments and fits a product just right is definitely no easy task. Nowadays it’s not as hard as it used to be either thanks to a new website that does the job for you, simply by using the right keywords. However, WhatFontIs does a lot more than that: it also allows users to find the exact font that they want to use by recognizing it and pointing them to it in a matter of seconds.


An example is all you need to get the whole process from start to finish over in about 10 seconds. First you have to upload or point to an image on the web where the respective font is used (there are some guidelines to maximize your success rate), confirm the letters that the website recognized and then download the font from the results box. It only sounds easy because it actually is. Even if it cannot find an exact match to the one you looked for, it’ll still pull up the closest 100 results to it so there’s plenty of options.  They have a huge database totaling around 280,000 fonts through which any search is processed.

The three step process in finding the font is, as mentioned, easy, but let’s go through for overall clarity. Uploading or entering the link to where the font needed is straightforward however there’s another option that is very important: checking whether the background color is darker or lighter than the font. Not selecting the right option can produce some serious problems so best stay on top of that.

Moving on, the second step is checking whether the letters the software behind the website recognized are correct and in all the tests we’ve run it was never wrong. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary step because there are some elements that can cause problems such as the characters overlapping or not being separated. This step will assure you won’t get off track because of it – remember, you only need to type in 3 characters to confirm its findings.

Finnaly, you just need to check out the results and find the font you were looking for. In the example above, the correct font was the fourth one on the list but do note the fact that, for improved accuracy, in the lower right you’ll always see the original font you confirmed so that you can compare it against the ones found. Click here to visit: whatfontis.com


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