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In this current fast developing world of ours, everything is expected to be done quickly and professionally. User interface now forms an integral part of our digital world and plays a very important role in many digital products such as websites, mobile apps, desktop software, etc. Good user interface designs need to provide not only very good user experience but also a fresh and elegant appearance. When you are not sure if your design ideas offer the best solution, or maybe you’re struggling to come up with any ideas whatsoever, or quite simply need to finish a project within a limited deadline, where do you turn for inspiration?


You could spend hours going through general web design galleries looking for ideas, or you could spend a lot of money buying packs of elements that you may or may not end up using… or you could save a lot of time by visiting UICloud – a great UI design gallery and search engine. It collects the best UI elements from around the world and compiles them in a single place, where you can search, browse, and download the resources for free.

From our first impression, we basically found that the website is clean, simple and easy to use.



Using a simple “Google” style homepage, people will understand this to be search engine immediately. Included is a top navigation bar with useful page links to Browse, Categories, Submit pages etc, with some search example terms also given. By clicking these example terms, you are lead to a search result page directly. The site now has over 23,000 elements or 967 UI sets, and it is growing every day.

UICloud makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, by searching for elements via keywords. You can browse all of the elements, or you can browse by category; For example, type “progress bar” in the search box and you will get:

UICloud Search

Basically, hundreds of designs of progress bar are in front of you. What you need to do is pick up some of your favorites and start to use in your design. Simple as that!

Browse Page

The browse page shows all the collected designs with pagination. The quality of selected works is very good. You can browse the latest added designs, the top rated resources and the most popular ones. A popular tag cloud is shown as well.

UICloud Browse


A rating system is provided which clearly gives the users a feedback of the popularity of each design.

Single Resource Page

Clicking the title or thumbnail takes the user to a single page which shows the preview images and details about the design including author, license information, tags, demo preview link, etc. and more importantly the download link. Multiple preview images are shown in a slideshow. Elements featured on UICloud are released under various licenses, including plenty of Creative Commons-licensed files. That elevates UICloud beyond just another web design gallery or pattern library.

UICloud Single

Currently all selected resources are freebies. They come in different packages and formats, normally PSD designs, or a pack of HTML + CSS + Java script, in which case a live demo can be found.

Categories Page

The last thing we would like mention is the Categories page is also provided featuring a few common design categories like Apple, Android, HTML, CSS, jQuery as well as common user interface elements (buttons, drop down, menu, etc). and the color schemes.

UICloud Categories

Design Submission

As a designer, you will also want your work exposed to a broader audience, and since many users are on UICloud, they will find you for more jobs when your designs or freebies draw their attention. Submitting a design is quite simple with only a few text input forms required, and once reviewed you will be published subject to approval.


Overall, we feel the website is useful, simple and easy to navigate. It can only get better as more and more great designs are selected and featured. The fact that UICloud was actually founded by designers (Double-J Design, to be exact) makes it all that much more intuitive and well-thought-out!


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