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If you need to store your collection of logos, photographs, or documents in a central, easy-to-access location, Smartimage provides a multitude of intuitive features that optimize the process of organizing, sharing and downloading your graphic brand files. Among the many image management tools available, Smartimage offers a solution specialized for brands. It caters to the needs of business-minded professionals, and it offers everything they need to work efficiently and effectively with their files, whether freelancing or working with a team.



Easy-to-manage collections

Your uploaded brand files are organized automatically into sections for logos, images and documents. You may also add your brand guidelines into a default section for “guidelines”. This is big for your brand, because it makes it easy for anyone representing your organization to do so correctly. You may also alter the default section headings or create custom section headings and reorganize your sections however you’d like.


Uploads are placed in collections which may then be made public, private, or secured with a password. If you go the route of password protection, multiple users of your choosing will be able to access and manage your files. So deciding to make your collections public, private, or password-protected comes down to whether your files are ready to be showcased or if they still need some work. This feature makes Smartimage the perfect venue for sharing brand content with specific internal groups, individual collaborators, or wider public audiences in a time-saving and easy fashion.




With the analytics dashboard, you can keep a close eye on all traffic of your collections pertaining to downloads, embeds, and shares of your content. What’s more, you can connect your Google Analytics tracking power to the dashboard, to maximize your data monitoring.


Cross-device showcasing

If you choose to make your collections of brand files public, Smartimage search engine optimizes them to broaden their exposure and make them easy to find. Plus, your brand content can be accessed through all sorts of devices, from computers to tablets and smartphones — so you and your audiences can get your files whenever and wherever they are needed. Additionally, collections can be distributed and shared with the world in several manners: by sending them through email, by sharing them via online social platforms, or by embedding them on a website.


Fast access

On the collection pages, public users (who are visitors to your page) can easily narrow in on the file(s) they are looking for based on tags. On the administrative side, you and any other shared administrators can easily search for files within the Manage Files page. The quick search option presents results based on matches to the title and description of the files, whereas the filters can be applied based on collections, file types and tags used. So, if you need to access a particular file, you can get it in a jiffy.


Multiple formats in high quality

Another important feature is the considerable variety in file formats that Smartimage accepts, including AI, TIFF, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PNG and PDF files. Smartimage accepts your highest resolution files and keeps them looking great, even on Retina display. You can even embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your collections. Plus, Smartimage automatically converts your files into popular formats and sizes. So anyone who needs your files can be sure they’ll get exactly what they need, without hassle or loss in quality.

There is a free 45-day trial with a capacity of 50 files and access to 3 users, so you can see if Smartimage is the right tool to fit your needs. There are three levels for Smartimage accounts following the trial period, and with each you can add more files and users. There are also options to pay by month or by year, with notable savings by going the route of annual pre-pays.

Overall, Smartimage is an ideal tool for companies or independent practitioners who need a low-cost, flexible tool to handle, display, and share their files. With Smartimage, you save time by getting the right files to the right people — every time.