Build Them Faster. 15 Platforms & Tools For Website Creation

You can measure your success as a web designer by the number of clients who line up at your door. However, there is such a thing as one too many clients. Sometimes, it just gets difficult to squeeze them all in your crowded schedule.

That’s when the tools & platforms you work with show their true worth. Signing up for more projects at the same time really puts them to the test. Which ones help you build websites more easily? They can stay. Give up on the other ones.

We compiled a short and updated list of builders & plugins that are proven to enhance your overall productivity. Your platforms or tools should be on this list. Are they here?




Webydo is a web design canvas, made for designers. Specifically, it’s a professional website design platform that empowers graphic and web designers to create and manage pixel-perfect responsive websites for their clients, completely code-free.

Led by a community of over 120K professional designers, design studios and agencies, Webydo enacts a radically democratic process for its roadmap. Webydoers constantly recommend new advanced features and vote on the community’s suggestions, with the most popular being developed and added to the platform.

Webydo helps creative professionals concentrate on what is most important – the creative element of web building. With features like a built-in CMS, a full white label solution and personal support, designers can truly build their web design empire.

It’s intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to fully express your creativity in high definition, down to the individual pixel. You can create responsive, dynamic, and stunning websites all while working with a UI that corresponds to other graphic design tools with which you’re already familiar, such as Photoshop.


Visual Composer


Since we’re on the subject of useful platforms, WordPress counts as royalty. You probably base a lot of your websites on it, as well. So, you know that it takes hours to craft a responsive layout with the classic editor. Luckily, you can now throw that editor in the bin. New, visual tools have greatly improve the way you build pages and manage content on this CMS. The best example we can think of is Visual Composer.

You must have crossed paths with this best-selling plugin more than once. You either get it as a combo pack when you acquire a premium theme, or you buy it individually. ($28). +40 out of the box elements, a drag-and-drop feature, and the option of Frontend or Backend editing help you finish a project in minutes.




Visual tools help you reach your goals with ease. When you’re working with a page builder that “understands” you and your creative mindset, it’s a lot easier to complete a project. Hence, you have more time on your hands and can dive headlong into other client projects.

So, back to WordPress. How would you like to piece websites together with tiles or cards? It’s one of the most practical trends in web design. Use Qards, the page building plugin made by Designmodo, and upload content directly on cards. It’s compatible with all themes. Edit every individual card as needed, and then move it into place. That’s all it takes to create a website from scratch, or to redesign the ones you’ve already published.


IM Creator


The number of handy DIY website builders is growing exponentially. More and more web designers turn their attention to these platforms because they do a lot to simplify our work. One of this year’s geniuses of compression is IM Creator. You need only test it out once to know you have a useful tool on your hands. And they don’t even ask you to register for that, so you can do it for the thrill on your next coffee break.




Aim for website builders that have a wide variety of templates at the ready. Doodlekit, for instance. Once you say “yes” to a project, don’t waste any time finding the proper starting point in your layout. It’s only after you’ve chosen a template that the real work begins.




Some website builders are meant to help you accomplish specific goals, like create your own or your clients’ portfolios. One of those builders is Semplice. Also, it doesn’t have any hidden fees lurking around the corner. You make one payment up-front, and that’s that. No recurring subscription fees.




We are not hipsters, mind you. We don’t take pride in discovering obscure tools for website building and then serve them back to you with a condescending smirk. Some of the platforms in this list are supported by vox populi. Moonfruit is known to help web designers like you complete projects in a flash.


Themify Drag & Drop Builder


Because we’re discussing practical ways to get through more client projects, it should be self-evident that coding is not an option. Avoid repetitive manual tasks at all costs. With Themify Builder, there are no costs – only gains. You drag-and-drop elements until you end up with a pixel-perfect website design, and watch the live preview all the time. Not a single line of coding in sight. The Themify Builder can be plugged in any existing theme, or acquired together with one of Themify’s creations.

MotoPress Content Editor


Let’s get one thing straight. Working with visual building tools does not mean you have limited options. If anything, it’s quite the reverse. With MotoPress Content Editor, you even get a cluster of pre-defined WordPress themes to choose from. This powerful WordPress plugin is easily extendable, and works with all themes. It can be used for any type of websites, and even helps you set up parallax backgrounds in a few clicks of the mouse.


How much effort did you put into making your design portfolio stand out? It’s your online business card, so you have to make sure it communicates the best of your experience. We advise you to go with a platform that is centered on creatives. Case in point, AllYou. You don’t have any trace of patience for complicated interfaces, do you? Join the club over at AllYou. This platform helps you strike up a responsive portfolio that does justice to your creative super-powers.




Fit in some one-pagers in between complex projects. Trust us, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Start-up companies are most likely to appreciate one-page websites, so next time one of them comes knocking at your door, don’t get greedy. Suggest a simple solution for their problem: a straightforward website that you can then build with Onepagerapp.




Yes, crafting professional websites can be as easy as one-two-three. Website (as in, the platform imaginatively dubbed “Website”) is living proof that you can and should author more websites using streamlined tools. See how like the fact that more than 1K stock photos are also rounded up for your benefit.




Don’t think for a second that you are making some sort of a compromise by agreeing to use a website building platform. If anything, these builders give you the means to create faster. Look at it this way. With the Builder from Zoho, you are free to make not one – but many versions for your client’s website. And it doesn’t take too much of your precious time.




User engagement is probably one of the most important tell-tale signs of a website’s health status. And by health status, we mean traffic and conversion rates. At some level, your client’s business depends on the incoming traffic. As you strive to create websites with an amazing user experience, see that your platform allows for detailed analytics for your clients to use. You don’t have time to monitor websites yourself. Don’t you have other design projects to tend to?




In the end, it’s always best to deliver your projects well before the deadline expires. Enlist a dependable builder, and you don’t just complete yours very fast – you complete it with flying colors. Microweber adds to the platforms listed in this post as suggestions that enhance your productivity.



How about it? Did you find your favorite tools & platforms somewhere on this list? If your answer is yes, then high-five! Do you have any other examples of web designer shortcuts that you know to work? If you share them in the comments, we promise to smile in recognition.

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