How to Organize Your Business Finances with FreshBooks

Once you’ve started a service-based business, ensuring your paperwork is being properly managed is critical. Sure, you might not love this side of your business, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore it either. Luckily FreshBooks is the simple solution that helping millions of business owners – just like you – get organized and get paid.



FreshBooks allows you to track your time, manage your expenses and invoice clients in seconds. What’s great is all your data is safely backed up, so you never have to worry about losing paper invoices or saving over work in Word or Excel.

FreshBooks is held in high regard by the web development and web design community since it’s intuitive, professional and affordable.



To get started with the service, FreshBooks offers a free 30 day trial so you can easily try all the features without paying a cent. If you have 3 clients or less, threre’s a free forever plan for you. Once your business grows, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription package ranging from $19.95 to $39.95 per month depending on your needs (25 clients, unlimited clients, project management features and so on).



A really cool feature is “recurring invoices” which allows you to automatically send an invoice each month/week/day depending on your preferences. If you’re a designer who charges a monthly fee for website upkeep, you just set up the one recurring invoice and FreshBooks will bill your client every month. This feature alone makes it very attractive to those who offer subscription based services, such as web hosting.



FreshBooks Reports are automatically generated based on your account activity so you can get a solid picture of your Profit and Loss, billable versus unbillable hours and more. There’s even a tax summary report so you never have to go through income and expenses by hand ever again in order to give your accountant what they need.

Although FreshBooks is simple, if at any point you need assistance, they offer award-winning Customer Support free of charge.

Since we’re talking about Cloud Accounting, you should know that FreshBooks also offers apps for iPhone, iPad and Android so you can access your account and do your accounting on the go, anytime.



So what are you waiting for? Try FreshBooks free 30-day trial right now.