Learn How To Be A One-Man-Show Designer With Pre-Made Layouts

People are tired of working with large teams. It’s very unproductive to stay in touch with one person for the on-boarding process, another one for project management settings and a third party who’s in charge with actually designing a new website.

That’s why roles had changed a lot and solution-oriented web designers are now playing a one-man-show role.  Thanks to multipurpose themes, especially those with premade layouts, their digital shows’ tickets are sold out.





How A Multipurpose Theme Can Help You Improve Your Productivity Habits and Become a Better Designer

Let’s face it! There are a bunch of great web designers. The competition is tight. Everyone fights for (almost) the same clients, time, attention, technologies, tools, results. If you want to refine your strategy and stand out from the crowd, you need to be as disciplined as a soldier.

It is the only smart and lasting way to achieve more as a web designer, personal and professional as well. Not by working with other human resources and keep confusing clients, but by developing the right productivity habits.

Continue to read this article and find out more about the creative habits that every A-list web designer should have.

First, it is said that creativity is like a muscle. You need to practice on a daily basis in order to achieve more and keep the ball rolling. You can do it in several ways: traveling a lot, reading online and offline, listening to good music, staying up to date with latest design trends or simply having the guts to keep innovating.

Secondly, if you aim to build simple and beautiful websites, where functionality meets an eye-candy UI, is time to start playing with a highly intuitive and exhaustive WordPress theme, such as Be.



Be offers you a wide range of pre-made layouts to easily adapt to your clients’ expectations

How easy it is to use a pre-made layout? Extremely easy.




After clicking on BeTheme Demo data, you’ll get a drag and drop menu where you can select your favorite demo and you can even import it with its images.



This will import that demos pages and afterwards you can edit them like any other page.



A premade layout is at three clicks away from having it ready for customization. How amazing is that?

The main reasons why we recommend using Be could be narrowed into one single word: performance. Why? Here are some solid arguments to sleep on:

  • Be comes with an easy-to-use visual editor (Muffin Builder) to make any kind of changes (update colors, favicons, logos etc.) at a glance.
  • Be brings Visual Composer on the table for front-end lovers who love to impress with their personal touch.
  • Be also means 6 different grid layouts to save time & money while creating a responsive website.
  • Be has a strong focus on web designers who barely know how to code or who simply don’t have any clue about it.
  • Be provides everything you need to deliver beautiful results, especially because 50% of the job is already done by the theme itself.


Pics or It Didn’t Happen, Right? Websites Created with Be

Now, let’s take a look on some examples of websites built with Be and remember that you can create similar design work for your clients and even better.

No matter the industries they represent: from startup accelerators till whisky distilleries, all of them can and should have stunning websites. In fact, that’s the basis that needs to be done if they dream to expand their audience to a global level. And why not make this dream come true as long as one of the greatest assets of Internet is that there are no boundaries in the digital universe.




Keep in mind what makes these websites remarkable by diving deep into the following benefits and keywords:

  • A full stack of customizable pre-made layouts (90+ to be more precise)
  • Great editable tools (Muffin Builder and Visual Composer)
  • An intuitive Layer Slider for awesome parallax effects
  • Video background sessions to keep users interested
  • More than 200 shortcodes to get things done in minutes
  • 6 different grid versions and 10 styles of layouts to play with
  • SEO compatibility to gain ranking on search engines
  • Responsive ready to guarantee a positive online behavior
  • One-click installation


Be makes everything move faster and smoother. It’s a very flexible WordPress theme that you can use anytime you want to make sure you deliver good-looking websites. Don’t get in stuck in fake problems, such as: “I don’t have any experience in designing websites for fashion industry.” or “Should I accept to work at two web projects at once?”. Be is here to help you become a better one-man-show. Just let the fun begin.


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