New Horizons In Web Design

2015 is certainly going to be full of pleasant surprises for web designers. This year definitely sets out to continue the recent mind-boggling progress of creative resources, most of which have become more accessible, and more proficient.

Fonts and typefaces are a good example. They used to be an exclusive commodity. Presently, any small budget project can draw on a well-designed WordPress theme, which includes affordable or even free type kits to strike up wonderful typographic designs for their client websites. Speaking of website themes destined for the most popular CMS in the world, we have also come to think of responsiveness as a rule.


Expect Unified Solutions and Bigger Focus on Imagery

Thanks to platforms and themes that deliver clean W3C-validated code, web coding is not as big of a challenge in front office, and it does not hold back design work like it used to. Now, the leading tendency in professional website building is to use simple and effective tools to launch highly visual websites, with image and video backgrounds that are optimized to load fast and re-size in response to various display dimensions.

When several useful tools are packed up in one universal solution, you don’t have to look them up individually. The more equipped your theme of choice turns out to be, the better.


X by Themeco



Some of you may have heard about X Theme, a fast-rising star in the renowned marketplace for web designers – ThemeForest. Not only does it sell wildly, but if you scroll down for reviews, you won’t see a single negative testimonial. Most buyers praise the universal usability, and the extensive documentation attached to this theme, along with its support service, which always responds within 24 hours.

X Theme has so far developed four complete designs (Stacks), intended for websites with a serious business apparel (Integrity), modern and minimalist look (Icon), flat design (Renew), or visually oriented appearance (Ethos). Plenty of tutorial videos and 30+ demos stand by to get you started on your way to styling up beautiful layouts with a live preview feature. It’s easy, and besides you can use any of the 40 shortcodes, and 600 Google Fonts with all weights and styles.

Themeco staff do not rest on their laurels. As a matter of fact, they made it their full-time mission to expand the X ecosystem. The most inspired upgrade yet was to devise singular WordPress plugins and build them into X.


A Cohort of Free Extensions



On average, premium WordPress plugins cost between $20 and $200. Yet, valid purchases of X Theme gift-wrap a multitude of custom made extensions that, taken together, adds up to $1000. There are no extra costs to speak of; all acknowledged users receive extensions like Visual Composer, Olark, and Smooth Scroll, for FREE.

Impressed? Wait until you read the whole story. The developers behind X Theme have made a point of expertly integrating these extensions into their product. Therefore, you can expect innovative functionality that does not produce a negative impact on the overall performance and page loading speed of your WordPress-based project.

When you grab a unique copy of X Theme, make sure you confirm the purchase, and unlock your extensions. In doing so, you also get automatic lifetime updates. Besides, new extensions are coming up soon, and you are scheduled to receive them immediately.


Video Call-to-Action



You may wish to pitch a video offer to potential customers who visit your website. Deciding to hold your audience in Video Lock for a brief period of time could work wonders in terms of marketing, because it ensures undivided attention from the public.

With X Theme, you can choose for your video offer to start playing some time after visitors access your page, and to make the closing button available in due time. In addition, you can include a custom colored heading, or subheading. Your tempting offer will be cross-device responsive, and you may easily configure a specific video width.


Simple Image and Video Slides



How about a tool that helps you set up uncomplicated content sliders? Notwithstanding the sophisticated drag-and-drop functionality of Slider Revolution, sometimes you might wish for a simpler alternative. X Theme brought Soliloquy on board, so you can devise and manage simple photo slides with a minimum amount of energy.

It is comparatively more lightweight than its Revolution counterpart, also thanks to the hybrid technology of dynamic asynchronous ajax pre-loading. Furthermore, this plugin sports great integration with Wistia, Vimeo, and Youtube, not to mention that it always delivers thoroughly responsive slides for all sorts of displays. Finally, Soliloquy guarantees the security of your data.


Comments and Feedback



Your website should encourage user engagement, and there is no better way to enhance that aspect than by providing readers with a proper environment where they can interact with you and with each other. Give them a chance to discuss the products/services put on display there, and carry out fruitful conversations that are based on common interests.

For that purpose, X Theme proposes a proficient extension that outshines the bland WordPress comment system. Disqus is known throughout many web design communities for its uncanny ability to unite websites and comment-ers in a cozy community where people feel free to deliberate their favorite topics.


Unparalleled Support



What do you reckon is the decisive factor that turns occasional clients into long-lasting clients? Seamless communication for sales and support. It’s the same for you, when you’re buying a WordPress theme. X Theme has a reliable support system. Thus, the answer lies in your capacity to answer the calls of distress coming from your own customers, and you should always aim to provide quick and effective assistance.

Sign up for Olark while you’re in the process of creating your WordPress website, and you will receive a site ID to place into the plugin. That’s all you have to do in order to establish a solid help desk.


Maintenance Episodes



Every website has to take some off-time sooner or later, and they never sit well with the public. Whenever you have to get your web pages up to speed, use a maintenance plugin to defuse the situation. The Under Construction extension can prove really useful in such cases, as it enables you to offer explanations and submit apologies with great ease.

With it, you may display your notice and customize colors, include a countdown timer, adopt a serene background image to greet your flustered visitors, and also insert links to redirect them to your social network profiles – where they can stand by for news.


What’s Next?

It does not end here. We’ve only described a handful of the currently available extensions, and they are but a taste of what is to come. Themeco plans to perfect its already accomplished product with new and powerful features, and in this sense keeps a direct communication line with its fast-growing community of users. So, the next time you’re looking to create and deploy WordPress websites for your clients, remember that X Theme has everything you could possibly wish for. Go forward with this all-around solution, and you will never have to search for another theme again.



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