LogoMyWay.com – Amazing Custom Designs

LogoMyWay.com enables business owners to create their very own logo contest for many talented designers to compete in.

You can choose from 70-600+ custom logo designs. All designs are 100% original and created by talented designers from all over the world.


Logomyway makes it very easy with only three simple steps and your design contest goes live. You will see amazing logo designs within hours. See what people are saying about Logomyway and the logo design community!

You might also want to check out their amazing logo design portfolio with logo designers in over 100 countries.

You can Start your own Logo Design Contest for as little as $200. Mandatory prepaid prize amounts produce much higher quality and quantity from our community of logo designers.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If your logo contest doesn’t receive at least 40 logo concepts they will refund your payment no questions asked.

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