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Since late September of 2009 we at Designrfix have written about 8 articles on the importance of icons and their many uses on the internet. I find creating great looking icons is very important and creating an icon set that matches your web design is even more important in bringing your entire project together. The guys at Icons-Land.com offer great Vista iconsStock icons and a custom icons design service. So if you are in need of a particular icon that is not available on the web or a custom icon set that only you will have for your latest web design project, why not check out the guys at Icons-Land and see what they have to offer.

Custom Icons Design

Custom Icons Design

Icons-Land offer two types of Custom Icon Design services

Exclusive Icons Set. You can order this service in case you need icons designed exclusively for you.

Extending Existing Stock Icons Set. You can order this service in case you purchased one or more our stock icons sets and you need more icons in the same style that are not in our collection. In this case we design icons you need in style of our icon set.

Beside Custom Icon Design services Icons-Land offers following services:

  • Animation Design
  • Skin Design
  • Software Box Design
  • CD/DVD Cover Design
  • Logo Design
  • 3D Design

Vista Style Base Software Icons Set

Vista Base Software Icons

Base Software Icons offers icons that mean actions, objects and states. These icons are suitable for ribbons, toolbars, status bars, menus, categories, links, etc.

Vista Style Weather Icons Set

Vista Weather Icons

They offer many weather conditions variants, even more than are used on weather forecast sites which makes our Weather Icons irreplaceable in designing special applications for PC and mobile devices, web sites and widgets. Weather Icons can be widely used on maps, weather broadcast sites, on tourism and recreation-related sites, when describing current and foreseen weather conditions.

Vista Style Sport Icon Set

Vista Sport Icons
This icon set contains 60 icons that represent different sports, activities and sport inventory. The sports are pictured in Vista style, making your applications appear great. These icons are suitable for specialized software applications, mobile applications, websites, e-stores and presentations.

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