Your Right Hand Man for Web Analytics and Feedback: Hotjar’s All-in-One Platform

Gathering the right metrics and the most meaningful user feedback for your website is no easy task, and many of the top sites in the world have even gotten it wrong. Why? Accurately connecting the dots between metrics AND feedback to understand why visitors behave the way they do is a problem that is a downright hard to solve. We’re thrilled to say that at Hotjar, we’ve cracked the code on this.


Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback platform for designers and marketers — at a fraction of the cost. We’re challenging the traditional set of disconnected tools by perfectly combining the right pieces of data from your users. Through this, we’re able to reveal to you real user behavior and insights to identify the hottest opportunities for improvement and growth. While our Analytics tool measures and observes user behavior, our Feedback tool simultaneously allows you to hear what your users say. Let’s show you how.


How can you identify the online behavior and voice of your users to design better sites and solutions?



We’re all tired of combing through thousands of data points to find the one insight we really care about. That’s why we’ve designed a unique approach to data collection by collecting data only from a sampling of visitors. Using our proprietary sampling engine, we distribute the sampling evenly over the course of a day, revealing opportunities and user behavior where it matters most. And instead of collecting data from every page of your site, we take an on demand approach by offering unlimited ‘snapshot’ reports on an unlimited number of pages.


Hotjar Analytics Toolset:

Heatmaps: Hotjar’s heatmaps show you exactly where your visitors tap, click and move their mouse and how far they scroll to understand how they are using your website. We measure this both on desktop and mobile devices.



Visitor Playback: Hotjar records visitor sessions so you can playback actual behavior, adding another layer of context to the heatmaps.



Funnels: Hotjar Funnels allow you to replay visitor recordings to see exactly where you are converting (and losing) visitors, making it easy to identify your biggest opportunities for improvement in the funnel.



Form Abandonment: Identify which form fields are causing confusion, concerns or drop-offs from your site to remove friction points in the conversion process.




It’s pointless to see what your users are doing unless you can actually ask them what is driving their actions. Bottom line: Nothing is more actionable than communicating with your users! Hotjar’s Feedback tools help you connect the dots between the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of online behavior.


Hotjar Feedback Toolset

Polls: Ask users why they are abandoning your pages, who they are, and what they think of the page. You will be surprised by their feedback.



Recruit User Testers: Invite visitors to a live user test via screen sharing to see how they use your pages and what they are thinking. This provides you with rich, personalized feedback.



Surveys: Ask your users and customers what made them choose you or why they nearly abandoned your site to discover who they really are and how you can improve their experience.




Analytics + Feedback: All-in-One



With our straightforward approach to collecting data, it’s finally possible to put the two most important tools in the industry under one umbrella — and at a price that won’t break the bank. Check out our action plan that details how Hotjar will help you quickly and easily find the hottest opportunities for growth.

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