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If you are looking for a professional yet free website & server monitoring service, then there is no better solution for your demands other than Monitor Scout. Allow yourself to be pleasantly impressed with the quality of the website monitoring service provided by Monitor Scout, a global company with thousands of satisfied customers, based in Sweden. From the start, it should be mentioned that Monitor Scout is found all over the world, with external monitor locations based in various countries. And if you are curious what does this service has to offer, then you should keep in mind the word “monitoring” and think about all the things that are important to you, meaning your websites, servers, networks and even your applications.


As there are hundreds of monitoring services out there, it is only normal that you ask yourself why is Monitor Scout number one. Well, there are many reasons and you will have the opportunity to discover them one by one. Just keep in mind that this free website & server monitoring service is reliable and it can definitely contribute to reducing your downtime, regardless of the hour in the day or night. You can trust the specialists providing the website monitoring service to handle any problems that might arise along the way; they will know how to solve issues that are related to any existing latency or other things like that. Your customers will be protected from losing valuable information, as you will be notified about any potential problems through e-mail or messaging system.

Expert Monitoring

Let’s talk about the features of Monitor Scout and you will soon be convinced that this is the best website monitoring service you have ever come across. One of the key features of the free website & server monitoring service is the fact that all websites, servers, networks and applications are kept under control. In order not to lose valuable uptime, Monitor Scout delivers the instant notification system that was already mentioned above. The alerts are sent to your email inbox or through SMS, which makes it extremely convenient. The reports include information about latency or downtime problems, it should also be mentioned. Monitor Scout is one of the few website monitoring services that also support various protocols and applications: MySQL, DNS, SSH, PING, HTTP, IMAP, TCP, UDP and the list could go on for a really long time.

Cutting Edge Monitoring

When a free website & server monitoring service is provided by a reliable company such as Monitor Scout, you know from the start that the health of your server is well taken care of. This means that all problems related to servers are handled in the most professional manner, including when it comes to things like various server applications, CPU, RAM, HDD and NIC. Monitor Scout also delivers support for different operating systems, including two of the most popular, such as Windows and Linux. Because they value each customer, the specialists at Monitor Scout provide a coupon code that guarantees a free website & server monitoring service for a period of six months. This package is available only to the premium website monitoring package and it is incredibly advantageous, considering the offers made by other competitors on the market. All you have to do in order to benefit from this amazing offer is go online at Monitor Scout and discover the part with “click here to sign up for a free website & server monitoring”. The registration of your monitoring account does not take more than a couple of minutes and it is totally worth it, considering the advantages offered on the long run.


Perhaps the most important thing that should be mentioned is that the free website & server monitoring service is going to be available only for a limited number of guests. In order to set up an account with Monitor Scout for the website monitoring service, you have to take into consideration the add-ons, meaning the products that extend your account (in this way, you can have an increased number of devices that are monitored). Then, you can enter the coupon code and benefit from the free-of-charge six month period. Available add-ons have different prices and you can easily add them to your shopping cart. With everything said, you will be able to set up your account for the free website & server monitoring service, taking advantage of the coupon code. The expert monitoring plan from Monitor Scout is made to fit the needs of the modern day working man. This means that you will benefit from a global website monitoring network, with short interval times and business applications that are monitored on a regular basis. The health of the server will represent one of the biggest objectives to take into consideration and you will receive over fifty different checks, which makes it, without any doubt, one of the most thorough website and server monitoring services.

With more than fifteen devices monitored at once, latency and uptime reports made on a regular basis and internal monitoring services, it goes without saying that Monitor Scout is number one on the market. The new BETA version has a number of advantages to offer, including one-minute check intervals, processes and applications monitoring and technical support 24/7. With this website & server monitoring service, you really do not have anything to complain about. In case you have certain uncertainties, feel free to ask as many questions as you feel like.

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Do not ask yourself why it is necessary to monitor a website or look after the health of your server, because these are all things related to your own productivity. Instead, it might be better for your own needs to choose a company such as Monitor Scout and benefit from their free website & server monitoring service. And remember, this free service is an incredible offer that lasts only for six months. Proceed further with Monitor Scout and you will certainly be satisfied with what it has to offer.


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