Another Step Forward – The eCommerce Multipurpose Theme

The initial eCommerce trend took place when consumers first became comfortable with the concept of online shopping. A later trend came into being following the introduction of mobile devices that could provide access to the Internet, allowing users to shop while on the go. This trend was the result of a need for Responsive WordPress themes that would allow mobile shoppers to view and purchase products in much the same way as PC-based shoppers were able to do.


Mobile shoppers are now on the verge of becoming an online shopper majority. Responsive themes are fine, but they do not always offer a complete solution to the need to fully capture a website’s total functionality. e-Commerce-oriented multipurpose themes, the latest trend in the use of multipurpose themes, address this shortcoming.


What the Right eCommerce Multi-purpose WordPress Themes can Do for You

The number of design options existing eCommerce multipurpose themes offer web developers is quite large. But the design flexibility these design options provide do not necessarily guarantee the end products will attract a large customer base. The websites must feature fast loading pages, ease in navigation, and perhaps more than anything else, pages that will grab a customer’s attention and keep him or her interested.

A theme needs to offer product-oriented features such as shopping carts, blocks set aside for reviews or testimonials, wish list capabilities, and an ability to provide product views in different colors or perspectives. The use of pre-made layouts is a step in the right direction. These layouts, combined with a user-friendly page building capability, an admin panel to control the design effort, and a large selection of easy-to-modify elements are essential features in any eCommerce theme.

In addition, to acquire the largest possible customer base the end product must be created from a theme that is at a minimum, responsive and retina ready, multi-browser and platform compatible, and WooCommerce compatible.




If you can find an eCommerce theme that has the above features and more, you are on your way to creating one jaw-dropping web page after another.


Atelier – The Complete eCommerce Multipurpose Theme

Atelier means workshop. The word could just as easily stand for elegance, one of the chief characteristics that can be realized in web designs that have been created with this WordPress theme. Although it is a relatively recent entry in the eCommerce theme marketplace, it is already a highly sought-after theme; having taken the Ecommerce theme world by storm.

Atelier is marketed by ThemeForest, and it is a creation of Power Elite Author Swift Ideas. More than 20,000 ThemeForest items that have been sold are Swift Ideas’ creations. Atelier could be said to have a good pedigree.


Flexible, Versatile and New Features Galore

The huge number of different shop styles, features, page types, and elements this theme features can be somewhat mind-boggling but, just as you would expect in a premium theme, they are all nicely packaged and well organized. You will still be amazed however, at the number of different options available to you.

Originally, Atelier offered 9 high-quality layouts/demos; seemingly enough for most page design purposes. With the latest update, 3 new layouts have been added.  The Demo Content/Pre-made layout importer allows you to import data directly from the demos, and you can of course customize the layouts in any manner you wish.

One of Atelier’s pre-made layout/demo that you will get with the Theme






One of the more exciting features that has recently been added is a new shop style. It is called the Preview Slider, and a web designer can use it to show a range of product options, such as different colors, styles, prices, or other product variations.

Atelier’s newest pre-made layout/demo – Vario.



You will Love Atelier’s Page Builder

One of the first things web developers look for in a theme is its page building capability, whether the page builder is built-in or a plugin. With Atelier, you have a choice. The Robust Page Builder is the built-in feature, and it comes with 50 different elements, a huge selection of icons, including icons custom-made for Atelier, iconMind icons, and more. The popular Visual Composer page building plugin can also be used with this theme.





Tailored to fit the Mobile User’s Needs

Mobile users will enjoy full-site display and functionality when viewing eCommerce websites that have been developed using this theme. Swift Ideas has put a great deal of effort into insuring that any and all shortcomings present in responsive-only themes have been addressed and dealt with. Your customers can access your products from any device, from any place, at any time. All you have to do is show the products in a way that will make people want to buy. Atelier can help you there as well.




The Many Fast-Loading Display Options

Whatever you are looking for in the way of shop views and different display options, is at your fingertips. Display options, as an example, include standard, gallery, gallery bordered, and multi-masonry. Whatever option choose, your pages are guaranteed to be fast loading. Your customers will never be kept waiting for the next screen to pop up. The Shop View Switcher even allows your customers to choose how they want to view your products, which should result in your getting high marks for customer service.




The list of Atelier’s strengths is even longer. This premium theme is 100% translatable; it features an extensive array of theme options, 80 layout variations, a selection of cart styles, and a section of header types that can be customized using the drag and drop configurator. With this premium theme, you can be assured of receiving free world-class support. The support team will even there to offer any pre-sales assistance you may require.


Your Choice Should not be Difficult

Atelier is a premium work place, and Atelier and the concept of elegance go hand in glove. If there is any doubt in your mind, a visit to Atelier’s website  should convince you of all this theme offers in the ability to create a website that will generate the large customer base you are looking for.

It isn’t only the end result that is important. The effort involved in getting there is important as well, and you will find this eCommerce theme delightfully easy and intuitive to use. It is competitively priced which, in other words, means you are in effect getting a bargain, given all that is being offered. Invest in this theme, and be prepared to be impressed.




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