The NEW Webydo Puts the Professional Designer in the Driver’s Seat

If you’re a professional web designer, you probably already know all about the current big issue, namely, whether designers should be developers too or should we find a way to design and create websites without having to code. Granted, there are a few good arguments to be made for the all-knowing designer, but in the end what it comes down to is cost effectiveness. Not only does the perfect (“unicorn”) designer not exist; even if one did, it would be a waste of time and energy for them to do such double work. Better to focus on design itself and do an amazing job with it.



One solution for this issue are the no-code design platforms. These have intuitive visual-based interfaces that let you create your clients’ websites without needing to write a single line of code. One such platform is Webydo, who recently came out with a new and improved Webydo 2.0. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


The looks. The new Webydo site was designed by award-winning digital agency Hello Monday. A lot of thought and effort went into it and the result is very impressive. It’s cool, it’s smooth, and it’s professional.



The workflow. The platform itself, with all new UX and UI, was designed specifically for professional web designers. That means it’s easy to use but at the same time has a lot various options and tools so that you can make true your vision. We especially liked the way the most useful and common tools are highlighted and brought to the front – it’s a smart choice.



The performance. Webydo has clearly done some serious work when it comes to infrastructure. Everything now runs really seamlessly. You can work as quickly as you like without interruptions, loading time or glitches.



New themes. Webydo’s designers crafted a number of modern and responsive themes. All themes meet the demands of the latest design trends, including parallax scrolling, flat design, split screen layout and fullscreen video background, to name just a few.


The customization. Apparently it’s pretty endless. The new Webydo’s ‘Full White Label’ option lets you control every single detail in the design and make everything super branded, from logos through system colors to dashboard looks. You can actually present the technology as part of your design brand and help your own agency stand out.


The work process. The whole purpose of the one-stop-shop model is of course to cut your work time by saying goodbye to the notion of splitting the process to tiny bits and needing particular tools and specialists for each one. This is one of Webydo’s strong points: it’s a B2B solution that’s there for you from sketch to final product, including everything you need along the way, and even including hosting and managing many client sites in one place.


The users. Many of those here too: Webydo has over 170k users around the world and their voices were clearly heard in the process of revamping Webydo. More than 450 suggestions from the community were taken on and implemented here and it shows. Webydo as a platform and a design tool was clearly created by people who know what designers really need – and made it come true for them.


Overall, Webydo 2.0 is a real breath of fresh air. The new features add a lot of the design process, and we look forward to seeing what else Webydo has in store for us!

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