Newly Revamped User Friendly Design, headquartered in Florida, U. S. A is the fastest growing stock photo agency in the world. It provides brilliant quality photos and vector images at a very commercial price – which begins from only 0.5 US $. All images are royalty-free which means you have to pay only once for a particular image and use it freely for your work without any complications of yearly taxes. 35 stock images are available absolutely free on a trial subscription. Click here for details.


At the time of writing of this article, Depositphotos had 4,514,726 images in all. Four days ago it had 44, 759, 54 total images. So in just four days 38,772 new images were added to the site. You see? The site’s claim that it is the “fastest growing stock photo agency in the world” stands to reason.

Let’s narrow down.

The keyword “blog” returned 4746 images now. Four days ago the same search resulted in 4568 results.  The number increased by 178 or 3.75%. Pretty decent.

9 Types of subscription plans are available where the cost of an image varies from a minimum of 0.10 US $ to a maximum of 0.63 US $.

Four new languages – Italian, Portugal, Polish and Netherlands have been added to the previously available four languages viz. German, French, Russian and Spanish. Hence Depositphotos is now available in a total of eight languages.

At the time of writing of this article Depositphotos had 1,398 Facebook likes, 1637 Twitter followers and 220 people had +1d it through Google+ which totals to 3255 social media appreciations.

New Design

On 29 Sep 2011, Depositphotos unveiled a major website update. They are using a lot of white space on their new home page which is pleasing to the eye. Eight images welcome you by displaying themselves one at a time.

New Home Page

Old Home Page

New Category Display

Old Category Display

The search functionality is considerably improved. Each word from an image title is now used to determine image ranking in the search results.

The new design fits the dimensions of all browsing devices. The best fit begins from 1024 X 768 and all higher resolutions are unlimited.

File type description and a separate download button have been provided to every image size. Now you can download images just via one click.

The website core has been updated enabling customers to get ten times better speed in browsing.