Create A Stunning Website Using Only Free Resources

Everyone is interested in having even a small place of their own on the internet, especially because the online world is always the best place to connect with others. Some people are satisfied only with Facebook or Twitter but others obviously want more than that. Blogs, websites or online portfolios are becoming increasingly popular now, and web designers are working hard to keep up with the demand.


For the average consumer, paying for someone to create a website can be extremely costly especially because quality simply does not come cheap.. Even if you know how to build it and you are looking for a design, this will also cost you a lot. Images, graphic elements such as buttons, ribbons, menus, backgrounds, UI kits, fonts…each and every one costs, and if you sum it up, the final price will most likely skyrocket.

The problem is that you can’t create a good looking website without using pixel perfect graphics, and you can’t find pixel perfect graphics such as stock images for free… Well at least not until now!


Say hello to

In a nutshell, is a search engine for free graphic elements. This can prove to be a lifesaver when you are looking for let’s say a stock photo for a contact page and you can’t afford pay royalties, or when you need a PSD file with a logo template.

This is a very important online tool that every web designer absolutely must know about. Thanks to, you can virtually create any type of website or any other type of graphic project for free.

Don’t believe us? Perfect, let us prove that we can gather everything needed to create a graphic layout for free.


  • First of all, let’s search for a free background.


  • Now let’s find a logo template that will reflect your business.


  • Great, we have a good background and a gorgeous logo. Now let’s find a great UI kit for building our interface.
psd web lements


So far we have a good background, a nice logo and all the graphic elements to build our navigation. With all of these we can create a nice website design which won’t cost us a dime, and more important, It didn’t take more than six minutes to find them.


We have finished collecting the graphic elements, so now we can start coding the website. If you don’t like the background or you want to make it using HTML and CSS, then you should try a very useful tool called  This will help you generate gradients, add borders, shadows and even textures.

So, in conclusion, it is not only possible but also very easy to find free graphic elements, thanks to