How To Create A Job Board Without Going Full Programming Mode

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world put into motion by money. It’s not a pretty thought, but the need for them can’t be denied. Therefore, in order to make money (legally, of course) you need a job. Now, think back to how your parents used to do it (if you’ve ever seen them unemployed or looking to change jobs), does the image of hundreds of newspapers with classified sections spread around the house come to mind? Well, luckily, you don’t have to deal with that anymore.


Because of the steady and insistent growth of the internet, many businesses have chosen to take their services online. Job listings aren’t an exception. A while back, when job board websites started making their presence known on the internet, putting up such a site wasn’t an easy task. You had to hire a sizeable web development team, complete with designers and business consultants and you had to be willing to spend quite a lot of money.

Again, all that has changed. Nowadays, all you have to do in order to set up your own job board website is the following.


Pick a domain name. It may seem like the easiest thing to do, but I advise caution. A well thought of domain name can help put you on the map, while a poorly thought one, think about the subsidiary for Powergen in Italy that came up with, can assure that your business goes straight to the toilet.


Buy your web hosting. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on it. Good website hosting may seem a bit pricey, but if it satisfies your needs, allows room for growth and won’t cause you to change provider every other month, it’s worth it.


Get WordPress and add WPJobBoard plugin. You’re almost there, all you have to do now is get WordPress (I recommend downloading and installing it straight off their website, and add, provided the installation ran smoothly, the WPJobBoard plugin, which you can find at this address:


Why choose the WPJobBoard plugin? Because, if you want your life to be made easier and your website to be successful, it’s the smartest decision.


By using the WPJobBoard plugin, you can take your website from this:




To this:



With a minimum amount of effort on your part. Pretty cool, right? And that’s not all this plugin can do for your website.

WPJobBoard is being widely used by the likes of web developers to provide their clients with a reliable, high-quality job board solution, entrepreneurs to stay ahead of competition by getting their offers out there as fast as possible, recruitment agencies to more easily manage their job listings and stay in touch with users via email alerts and RSS feeds and bloggers to provide themselves with a steady stream of passive income by adding a job board to their site.

Now let’s talk about the features this plugin offers for your website.

One feature that will really make your job board website stand out is customizing your search filters. The WPJobBoard plugin allows you to search by keyword, job type, time of the posting, category or location. By offering your users more ways to refine their search, you’re assured that they’ll be very pleased with the efficiency and usability of your site. And they’ll keep coming back to it.


Another great thing about using the WPJobBoard plugin is the fact that it makes everything as easy as possible. Let’s take creating a job listing as an example: it’s done in three clear and simple steps.

First, you create your add, filling in Title, Description, Job Type, Category, Skills, Company Information, Location and Listing (only a handful of these fields are mandatory, but the more information you give, the more interested prospective employees will be). Second, you can preview how your listing will look like for users, third, when you’re happy with the result, you post it and you’re done.



One option you’ll be interested in is the possibility to monetize your website. What this means is that the WPJobBoard plugin gives you the option to charge companies when they want to see the full resume of your users. Everything is done through PayPal, so this means the effort on your part is minimal. All you have to do is choose the price or percentage you’ll charge. Also, this feature allows you to attract new users by offering easy to use discount codes that you can manage in the same way you would the prices.



A problem owners of job board websites often encounter is that they’re targeted by spammers or shady employers. Of course you’ll want as many listings on your site as possible, but don’t forget that there’s a case to be made for quality over quantity. You should be careful about dubious listings and manage them appropriately, it only takes a few ‘earn 12,000$ working from home’ offers for users to decide that your job board isn’t all that trustworthy after all. The WPJobBoard plugin allows you to easily view and edit all new job postings or delete them, should the need arise.



I could, of course, go on with other features that this plugin offers you, but, how about you try it yourself and see?




Oh, and don’t worry should you run into any problems along the way, WPJobBoard offers one of the best user support services out there. If you need further help with anything, just send an email their way and you’re guaranteed assistance in less than 24 hours.

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