Craft Delightful Websites Entirely Devoid Of Code

The process of setting up a website as you know it demands coding skills. In other words, graphic designers have always had to secure the help of programmers whenever they set out to create a client’s online business identity. With, the process is simplified, insofar as the service converts into code any creative idea, thereby eliminating any third-party involvement. In essence, relying on a website building service would be a fine choice not just because it’s so much easier, but also due to the fact that it will save you plenty of time, not to mention the fact that it’s cost-free.




Website-Builder’s start page prompts you to create your own websites either by taking on an existing theme, or by going the professional route of starting with a blank canvas. Needless to say, the latter option takes more effort and more time. I need to draw attention to the fact that you ought to register for free, because even though this is not a compulsory demand which unlocks further stages, it is the prerequisite of your website being published once it’s finished.



After clicking on “Choose a template”, you’ll be welcomed with a wealth of categories and examples to choose from. For instance, there are templates for portfolio websites, as well as for architects, consultants, photographers, lawyers, or restaurants. The list would literally respond to the needs of any kind of client. What is more, some of the themes are particularly optimized for the screen of a mobile phone. Decide on the layout that appeals most to you, look below it, and click on “Edit”.



This is the best part and the studio where your design skills can be set loose. Feel free to edit, add, or delete pages, and add various elements (images, galleries, slideshows, videos, widgets, menus, sub-menus, and brand new areas). Don’t forget to optimize your client’s website for all search engines, and also link your Google Analytics ID in order to monitor all activity related to that site. For any problem that you may come across, engage Website-Builder’s “Support” service from the left side of the screen.




The final step, once you’re done designing your client’s website, is to publish it. Click on “Publish”, settle on a domain name, and that is all. You now completed a website which will be hosted indefinitely by the same online platform that helped you create it.

Here are some gorgeous examples of designs that you can use when creating your website.


My Life




Jabe Rockstar