On Black Friday, Treat Yourself to a 24% Discount and Make Gorgeous Portfolio Websites

If you’re a designer who wants to carve out the most amazing online portfolio without anyone’s assistance, this article is for you. Over 80.000 independent creative professionals have made their websites with the help of Portfoliobox, a professional platform with cutting-edge tools that can be operated with ease. You, too, can be one of the happy owners of a fabulous portfolio, for a modest price.


Here’s how it works. To begin with, new users can register for a PRO or for a FREE membership. Owners of a FREE account get all the PRO-bound templates to use in their creative odyssey during the first 30 days of usage, and they can host up to 40 images – all without spending anything.

On the flipside, a monthly or yearly PRO plan comes with so much more: free support and web hosting; you can set up 1000+ pages and store more than 1000 images on your brand new website, as well as share pretty much any type of files, take up one email address and claim one domain, not to mention that you may browse and take layouts from the template collection limitlessly. Just for Black Friday, you can grab the annual PRO plan at a generous 24% off the regular price! This means that you save 14.7 euros out of a yearlong plan that is priced at 61.2 euros.


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New members are shown to their fresh-looking admin panels, where they can set up a start page, and then continue with galleries, category pages, text pages, etc. While working on text pages, you can’t help but notice the maps, videos, and form builder that are made available to you through the kick-ass text editor.

The outstanding thing about Portfoliobox is that its users aren’t confined to choosing one template and using it for all their pages, but can play around with various layouts. As such, if the first gallery is shown in a slideshow, the second can just as well be relayed in a horizontal line. This gives you a lot of options, and you can be certain that your website is a product of singularity.

As a side-note, both free and fully committed users can send professional newsletters straight from their dashboards, and also set up their online stores. The following delightful websites have been created with Portfoliobox – imagine that you can make a portfolio that is just as glorious.